Corporate agreement

Sign up for a corporate agreement, and start saving money on your company's business travels.

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You save money every time flights are booked by your:

  • travel manager - on our corporate portal
  • travel agency - using your company's agreement code
  • employees - signed in on, with your company's agreement code stored in their personal profile

Your employees can earn personal CashPoints, no matter how the flight is booked. 

Setting up an agreement is free, there are no travel volume requirements and of course you can choose among all our ticket types.

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CashPoints og discounts? Choose what suits your company best:

Corporate Bonus

Your company earns CashPoints on all flights.

  • 12% CashPoints on all Flex tickets
  • 4% CashPoints on all LowFare tickets

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Direct Discount

Your company receives discounts on all flights.

  • 8% discount on all Flex tickets
  • 2% discount on all LowFare tickets

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