Tarmac delay contingency plan

If you experience a lengthy delay on the tarmac in the U.S., we'll ensure you're handled in accordance with our Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.

Our plan will be coordinated with US airport authorities, Customs and Border Protection and the Transport Security Administration at each airport that we operate to and from, including diversion airports.

On the tarmac

We will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than four hours without allowing passengers to disembark.

However, if it's established by the pilot that there is a safety or security-related reason to prevent passengers from disembarking, or if air traffic control should inform that disembarkation would significantly disrupt airport operations, you'll be asked to remain on board.

On board: food, water and restrooms

We'll provide adequate food and water no more than two hours after the aircraft leaves the gate or touches down, unless the pilot determines that this is not possible for safety or security reasons.

We'll make sure that restroom facilities are available and will provide adequate medical attention, if needed, while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.

Keeping you updated

Our crew will inform you of the the reason for the delay (if known) and keep you updated on the status of the flight, beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure and every 30 minutes thereafter.

For aircraft that remain at the gate with the flight door open, we'll inform you if you may leave the aircraft and return to the gate or another disembarkation area, if such an opportunity exists, beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled departure (including revised departure times) and every 30 minutes thereafter.