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Year by year

In 1993, we launched our first route. In 2015, we ordered 19 additional 787-9 Dreamliners to serve our long-haul destinations. This is our story in bullet points.


  • Norwegian launches the cheapest transatlantic flights ever with its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft
  • Recognised as "Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe" for the fifth year running and "World’s Best Low-Cost Long Haul Airline" by Skytrax World Airline Awards for the third year running 
  • In May, the Norwegian Group Board of Directors approved the launch of Norwegian Air Argentina's plans of operation
  • In March, Norwegian announced that it has flown more than four million passengers between the United States and Europe since the first transatlantic service began in 2013


  • Recognised as "Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe" for the fourth time running and "World’s Best Low-Cost Long Haul Airline" by Skytrax World Airline Awards for the second year running 
  • The first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was delivered
  • Announced flights from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport to the U.S.
  • Added two more Dreamliners to its fleet
  • Established new base in Rome, Italy


  • Named the most fuel-efficient airline on transatlantic routes by The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
  • Signed an agreement to acquire an additional 19 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which constitutes a total order of 30 Dreamliners
  • Expanded long-haul operation by establishing crew base at London Gatwick
  • Launched new long-haul routes. New destinations: Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, St. Croix and Boston
  • Recognised as "Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe" for the third time running and "World’s Best Low-Cost Long Haul Airline" by Skytrax World Airline Awards, and "Europe’s Best Low-Cost Airline" by Airlineratings.com 
  • Became the first airline to offer live TV on European flights


  • Recognised as "Best European Low-Cost Airline" by AirlineRatings.com and voted "Best Low-Cost Airline in the World" by the 2014 Air Transport News Awards
  • Voted "Best European Low-Cost Carrier" by Skytrax World Airline Awards for the second year running
  • Norwegian took home three prizes at the Apex Passenger Choice Awards, including "Best in Europe" and "Best Inflight Connectivity and Communications"
  • Also recognised for its innovative moving map on the 787 Dreamliners


  • First airline in Europe to offer in-flight movie and TV rental on all of our WiFi-enabled aircraft
  • Launched low-cost long-haul service on brand new Dreamliners
  • Awarded "Best European Low-Cost Carrier" by Skytrax World Airline Awards
  • Opened new base at London Gatwick and several new bases in Spain
  • Winner of "Best Inflight Connectivity and Communications" for its free inflight WiFi


  • Signed the largest-ever agreement in European aviation history: 22 Boeing 737-800s, 100 Boeing 737 MAX8s as well as 100 Airbus A320neo aircraft
  • Signed an agreement to lease two additional Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners for its long-haul operation


  • First airline to offer free inflight WiFi on European routes
  • Opened new base at Helsinki airport in Finland
  • Entered into an agreement to purchase three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners
  • Placed order of an additional 15 Boeing 737-800s


  • Awarded gold and silver at the prestigious Sky Trax Awards. Passengers say that Norwegian is the second best airline in Northern Europe and the third best low-cost airline in Europe
  • First Swedish and Danish heroes portrayed on the tails of Norwegian’s aircraft
  • Placed order of an additional 15 Boeing 737-800s 


  • Received the Market Leadership Award from Air Transport World Magazine (the Oscars of the airline industry)
  • Expanded extensively in Denmark by launching 39 new routes
  • Delivery of first Norwegian-owned Boeing 737-800


  • Delivery of first Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation aircraft
  • The new planes reduce fuel consumption and emissions by more than 20 percent and increase passenger capacity from 148 to 186/189
  • Entered the Danish market and opened Copenhagen base
  • Opened new base at Rygge, outside Oslo


  • Established base at Arlanda outside of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bank Norwegian and frequent flyer programme Norwegian Reward launched
  • Placed and order with Boeing to buy 42 737-800 aircraft


  • Polish subsidiary and base established. Flights from Warsaw to five European cities commenced.


    • First year in profit. "It has been an amazing and profitable year for Norwegian," said CEO Bjørn Kjos.


  • Started codeshare agreement with FlyNordic and Sterling


  • Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange


    • Domestic routes launched in Norway with Boeing 737-300s


      • Norwegian established, offering routes on the west coast of Norway with Fokker 50s in cooperation with Braathens SAFE. This cooperation lasted until 2002.
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