Sky interior

The Boeing Sky Interior provides a more comfortable and sleeker passenger experience, and less emissions for the environment.

Sky interior in our 737-800s

Sky Interior inside a Boeing 737-800

  • LED mood lighting to add a feeling of spaciousness and improved cabin perception
  • Possibility to emulate sunrise and sunset for improved passenger comfort and ambience
  • Large, pivoting overheading stowage bins designed to add to the openness of the cabin
  • Integrated speakers in each row's passenger service for improved sound and clarity of public address operations
  • New, intergrated air vent and noise reducing materials, reducing overall cabin noise by up to 2db
  • Modern, sculpted sidewalls which adds to cabin width
  • More legroom with new Recaro seats
  • Reduced emissions due to lighter interior, meaning lower fuel burn

Sky interior in our 787 Dreamliners

Sky Interior inside a Boeing 737 Dreamliner

  • A spacious, comfortable look with soft LED lighting, thoughtfully balanced for leisure, work or rest
  • Large windows – 30% larger than today's similarly sized aircraft
  • Dimmable windows – regulate the intensity of light coming through the windows with the touch of a button
  • Plenty of space for storing personal belongings
  • Cleaner cabin air and less air pressure, meaning less headache, less nuisance and less jet lag

Europe's largest fleet

Norwegian boasts the largest Sky Interior fleet in Europe. In February 2014, we took delivery of Boeing's 1,000th 737-800 aircraft with Sky Interior.

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