Our Heroes

Niels Henrik Abel   Niels Henrik Abel   Niels Henrik Abel   Niels Henrik Abel
Norge   Sverige   Danmark   Finland
When Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) entered the Norwegian domestic market in 2002, we challenged a well-established and long-lasting airline monopoly. Therefore, it was natural for us to adorn the tails of our aircraft with Norwegian personalities who have pushed the boundaries, challenged the established and inspired others.

Both Norwegian and our tail heroes have challenged society in a positive direction. Norwegian has done this primarily by ensuring that everyone can afford to fly. Norwegian's growth in recent years has been fantastic and we have expanded and established bases far beyond Norway's borders.
  First, we established ourselves in Sweden, then in Denmark, and recently in Finland and Spain. In 2002, we were a Norwegian company, but today we are a Nordic company. It is therefore a natural progression that heroes from all of the Nordic countries now pride our tails.