Sky Interior

On December 10th 2010 Norwegian took delivery of its first Boeing 737-800 aircraft with Boeing Sky Interior. The sleek design features curving architecture and new cove lighting based on Boeing’s Dreamliner interior. The LED “mood” lighting adds a feeling of spaciousness and improves the cabin perception. The cabin crew can also simulate sunset and sunrise, enhancing passenger comfort and ambience. In February 2014, Norwegian took delivery of Boeing's 1,000th 737-800 aircraft with Sky Interior, which means that Norwegian now boasts the largest Sky Interior fleet in Europe.


New overhead stowage bins

The new design offers larger, pivoting overhead stowage bins that add to the openness of the cabin. The bins give more passengers room to store carry-on baggage near their own seat, adding both extra convenience and extra legroom. Speakers are integrated into each row's passenger-service unit to improve sound and clarity of public address operations, while the new integrated air vent and improved noise-dampening materials reduce overall cabin noise by up to 2 dB.

More cabin space

The new interior will also feature modern, sculpted sidewalls that adds cabin width. Together with other architectural features such as pivot bins and LED “mood lighting”, the cabin will appear significantly larger and wider. The inner “reveal” of the windows and the window shades have also been redesigned, increasing the viewable area.

More legroom

Norwegian has decided to reduce the number of seats from 189 to 186 to enhance the seat pitch. In addition, all new aircraft will be equipped with new Recaro seats which offer increased legroom without compromising capacity. This is achieved by moving the seat pocket upwards and by making the seatback slimmer, using new materials.

More environmentally friendly

In addition to the visual improvement, the new interior is lighter, meaning lower fuel burn. Combined with optimized design on fuselage, control surfaces and engine components overall fuel reduction per seat will be reduced by approximately 2 % per seat kilometer compared to brand new aircraft delivered today.



787 Dreamliner Sky Interior

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, meanwhile, takes the Sky Interior to a new level. The aircraft features a spacious, comfortable look and with soft LED lighting, thoughtfully balanced for leisure, work or rest. The 787 Dreamliner also features large dimmable windows, more than 30 percent larger than today's similarly sized aircraft.  Passengers can regulate the intensity of light coming through their windows with the touch of a button. In terms of storage, passengers have plenty of space for their belongings, out of the way but within convenient reach. Other features include cleaner cabin air, lower cabin pressure and less noise so that passengers experience fewer headaches, less dizziness and fatigue while they are flying. Read more about the Dreamliner 787 interior in our showroom

Boeing 787 Dreamliner interior



To read more about the new Sky Interior visit Boeing's website.