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Pack your bags, travellers! From checked and hand baggage allowances to protecting your equipment, here's all you need to know.

  • Hand baggage

    Find out how much hand baggage you can carry on board, and what the weight limits are for your ticket type.

  • Checked baggage

    How much checked baggage you can bring free of charge, and how to add extra bags to your booking.

  • Sports equipment

    Find out what type of equipment you can bring, our size and weight limits, what it will cost and how to protect your gear.

  • Musical instruments

    See the different ways you can bring your musical instrument in the cabin or cargo hold, and what it will cost.

  • Packing conditions

    All you need to know about protecting your baggage and your belongings, including smart packing tips.

  • Restricted items

    Find out what items are banned from our aircraft, and what we advise you not to pack in your hand or checked baggage.

  • Travelling with pets

    Where you can travel with your cat or dog in the cabin and cargo hold, and what regulations and restrictions you need to be aware of.

  • Customs clearance for connecting flights

    Travelling on a connecting flight? Find out when you'll need to collect your baggage and clear customs and when you can go directly to your connecting flight.

  • Delayed baggage

    What to do if your baggage is delayed, and how you can track it online and make a claim.

  • Damaged baggage

    Find out what to do if your baggage is damaged, and how to go about replacing it or making a claim.

  • Lost and found

    If you've left something on one of our flights, please get in touch with lost and found at your arrival airport.

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