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Norwegian Holidays conditions

Frequently asked questions

  • Booking

How do I know if my booking is successful?

If you get an error message your booking is unlikely to have been successful. When you make a booking and it has been confirmed you will receive a Norwegian Holidays document to the email you have provided.

If you are not sure whether your booking was successful for another reason please contact Norwegian Holidays on phone: 815 56 020 (within Norway) +47 21 00 40 20 (from outside Norway) Please don`t just make another booking as you may end up getting charged twice.

Is it possible to purchase and make a seat reservation after the reservation is completed?

Seat reservation is included in Norwegian Holidays. If you experience problems with your seat request during booking process please contact Norwegian Holidays.

Can I add a car and/or hotel to my reservation?

No. Reservation of car and/or hotel must be made at the time of booking.

Can I change my reservation?

No. It is not possible to change a Norwegian Holidays reservation.

Can I bring my sports equipment?

Yes. Send a request to travel@norwegianholidays.com. Payments must be made at the airport prior departure. For information and charges see Norwegian.com.

Can I get a baby cot for my infant at the hotel?

Please add your request during the booking process or contact the hotel directly.

How can I make a seat reservation when traveling with an infant?

Please contact Norwegian Holidays by phone or email and we will book the seats for you.

  • Documents and vouchers

Is it mandatory to print the hotel voucher?

It is recommended to bring the hotel voucher as it contains useful information.

Is it mandatory to print the car rental voucher?

Yes, It`s mandatory to print and bring your car rental voucher to the car rental company. The voucher also includes important information regarding the car rental company and contact information.

I have not received any confirmation on my email?

Please check your junk mail. If you still can`t find it, please contact Norwegian Holidays.

I need a copy of my reservation. Where can I find it?


Do I need separate airline tickets/travel documents?

No. The booking confirmation received on your email is efficient to travel. It is recommended to bring the booking confirmation. You will need the airline reservation number (six digits) to use the self service check-in. This can be find on the document.

  • Terms and conditions

Is name change allowed?

Name correction is allowed if a name is misspelled. Please contact Norwegian Holidays latest 24hours prior departure.

I made an error in my reservation. Is it possible to cancel my reservation?


Can I cancel my reservation?


  • Hotel

Why does the hotel ask for my credit card even though the reservation is already paid for?

It is normal procedure for hotels to reserve an amount on your credit card upon check-in as a deposit for optional services.

What should I do if I have to pay for a service that should have already been included in my reservation?

Please check your hotel voucher. Please address any discrepancies directly to the hotel staff when checking out.

The hotel does not meet my expectations. What can I do?

Please address your inquiries directly to the hotel staff as soon as possible.

The hotel is unable find my reservation. What can I do?

Please present your voucher at the reception. If the hotel is still unable to help please call Norwegian Holidays.

Why do I get availability for hotels very distance from my original search?

Our hotel provider offer an extended search to give you a more options. You are able to narrow the search with different tools on the left panel.

How can I find a hotel in the city center?

Please check "city" in "find hotels nearby".

Why do some hotels state that their room is non refundable?

All Norwegian Holidays reservations are non refundable.

How do I request a non smoking/smoking room?

Please add your request during the booking process or contact the hotel once your booking is made.

How can request an accessible room?

Please add your request during the booking process or contact the hotel once your booking is made.

I would like to upgrade my hotel room. Is this possible?

We are not able to upgrade your hotel room. To request an upgrade, please ask the hotel reception upon arrival.

How can I get room with a sea view?

Please add your request during the booking process or ask the hotel reception upon arrival.

  • Car

The car rental office is closed. How can I pick up my car?

Please check your voucher or call Norwegian Holidays.

Is it only possible to book one car per reservation?

Yes correct.

Is it possible to request a child seat for my rental car?

Send an e-mail with your request including your booking number to: travel@norwegianholidays.com. We will forward your request to the car rental company. Any extra charges involved must be paid for directly to the car rental company.

Is there any insurance included in the car rental?

It can vary from one car rental provider to another. Please check the link provided in the reservation confirmation from the car rental company.

  • CashPoints

When will my CashPoints be available in my account?

They will be available after you complete your trip.

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