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Flights to Bangkok Thailand

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Fly to Bangkok

Why visit Bangkok?

It’s a steamy city of stratospheric drinking establishments, with a sizzling restaurant scene and some of South East Asia’s finest cultural attractions.

Local hotspot

Thonglor is awash with great clubs, restaurants and chilled-out cafes. 

You probably didn’t know

Thais refer to Bangkok as “Krung Thep Maha Nakho”. However, the capital’s ceremonial title is even longer, consisting of a mind-boggling 169 characters.

Suggested viewing about Bangkok

The Hangover: Part II is perhaps the most memorable Bangkok-based film of recent times, though it doesn’t show the city in its best light. Try instead the Ryan Gosling thriller Only God Forgives.

Feiten over Bangkok

  • Aantal inwoners: 8,5 miljoen (2014)
  • Aantal bezoekers (jaarlijks): 16 miljoen (2013)
  • Gemiddelde temperatuur in januari: 27°C
  • Gemiddelde temperatuur in augustus: 30°C

Flying with Norwegian

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