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The most fuel-efficient airline

We’re travelling light thanks to new aircraft

Fly Red, Fly Greener

New aircraft = reduced emissions


Other environmental measures taken by Norwegian

Fewer take offs and landings

As opposed to traditional network carriers, Norwegian bypasses the big ‘hubs’ and offers more direct flights. The result is a significant reduction of fuel-intensive take-offs and landings. 

Advanced weather data to calculate more efficient flights

Norwegian has partnered with AVTECH Sweden AB, allowing Norwegian’s pilots to receive accurate wind and temperature information to explore the possibility of reducing fuel consumption and thereby reducing Norwegian's environmental footprint. The goal is to deliver better fuel and time estimates, as well as fuel-efficient descents with less speed deviations.

Winglets reduse draft

All of Norwegian’s 737-800s and 737 MAX have winglets, an extension of each wingtip. Winglets reduce drag, which in turn reduces fuel consumption by approximately two percent per aircraft.

Noise reduction

Aviation is associated with noise challenges. Norwegian’s new fleet of aircraft plays an important part in the efforts to reduce negative impact on the local environment, as the new aircraft are considerably quieter than their older counterparts. All of Norwegian’s aircraft meet the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Chapter 4 requirements and 100 per cent meet Chapter 14 requirements.


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