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Need to spend a penny?

Elevate the experience of excretion with Lonely Planet’s new “spotter’s guide” to the world’s best toilets

  • Need to spend a penny?
  • Need to spend a penny?
  • Need to spend a penny?
  • Need to spend a penny?
  • Need to spend a penny?
  • Need to spend a penny?

Text by Sarah Warwick

Loos, toaletter, baños – whatever you call them, they may not be an aspirational part of travel but they are a necessary one. What’s more, as most world travellers are all too aware, the quality, level of hygiene and appearance of the world’s lavatories can vary wildly. Now, it’s possible to be forewarned about which places have good ones, which bad, and which are downright bonkers, by turning to the newly published Lonely Planet’s “spotter’s guide” to loos, 

One might question the need for such a book (just who are these “spotters”?). However, the 100-odd beautifully shot outhouses reveal the imagination that often goes into creating facilities that every human needs. 

As Patrick Kinsella, the book’s author, puts it, “Toilets often transcend their primary function of being a convenience to make a cultural statement about the priorities, traditions and values of the venues, locations and communities they serve.” Interesting stuff, particularly if you’re looking for a book to put in the bathroom...

Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide is out now (Lonely Planet Publications, £7.99/NOK95) 


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