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Das Booth

It’s been a decade since two Berliners reintroduced the old Photoautomat photo booths – and they’re still drawing a steady stream of colourful characters

Text by Toby Skinner / Photos⁄Photoautomat Weserstraße & Mitja Schneehage


The lovers

“We’re just lovers,” laughs the sparky Annemarie Olsen, who is from Wiesbaden in the west of Germany but has lived in Berlin since the 1980s. Klaus Eichhorn is visiting from Heilbronn, also in the west. He used to make chips for phones and computers, while she has had “hundreds of jobs”. So where will they be going? She says: “I love going to the beach in Wannsee, and staying in Kladow – you can get the ferry from Wannsee, and you’re in this beautiful village a world away from the city.”

The fashionista

Irishman Jean Paul Coss, who moved from Dublin six years ago, is primarily an architect – but his passion is fashion, specifically his version of the mantelet, a kind of cape/scarf/jacket that can be worn a multitude of ways (as he shows in the Photoautomat).  “You know in Zoolander when they do the Slashie award? Berlin’s a bit like that,” he jokes. As for where to go, he says: “Mitte’s definitely the best for shopping, but Kreuzberg and Neukölln are better at night – there are so many bars and cafés down here.

The “whatever”

New Zealander Jessica Prescott is a photographer/baker/chef/food blogger, and works three days a week at skincare company Aesop. Her analogue photography themes are, she says, “nature, women, nipples, body hair”, and she thinks it should be illegal to work more than four days a week for “The Man”. Her foodie tips include the vegetable platter at Ethiopian restaurant Langano, and Bastard: “The service is awful, but the vegan brunch is amazing.” Her long-haired, Australian husband, Andy Ketteridge, is a mobile hairdresser on a bike. jessicaprescott.com


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