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Das Booth

It’s been a decade since two Berliners reintroduced the old Photoautomat photo booths – and they’re still drawing a steady stream of colourful characters

Text by Toby Skinner / Photos⁄Photoautomat Weserstraße & Mitja Schneehage

The Christian caterer

Frank Anyangbe, resplendent in his chef’s coat in Nigerian colours, came to Berlin from Nigeria 12 years ago – and has lived around Weserstraße all that time. He met his German wife when he was living at number 42 and she was at 41  – she sang in the church choir while he’s a gospel singer. As well as running the Pan Africa restaurant and catering company of the same name, he’s also done so much Christian work in the community that he’s allowed to live with his wife and three children (aged 4, 6 and 10) in the church tower near the photo booth. “I’m a happy man,” he says, rather stating the obvious. pan-africa-catering.de

The mask lady

Franziska Schubert is from Leipzig, and is visiting friends when she floats dreamily towards the booth. “At the moment, I’m doing a thesis on masks in theatre, but the plan is to come here when I’m done. I worked in a theatre here before for a year and a half.” Her Berlin tips? “I’m not so good because I often just follow my friends – but I love hanging out and playing frisbee at Tempelhof airport, and the cocktails at Tier on Weserstraße are amazing.”

The entertainer

Antino is visiting from New York City but plans to move here because “there’s just so much love in this town – I was at this multi-day party at the weekend, and it’s like New York was in the ’80s and early ’90s”. His job? “Oh man... I’m an actor, model, performance artist... an entertainer, I guess.” Though he’s still finishing acting school in NYC, Antino has just been snapped up by We Are Unlike You, a Berlin agency specialising in characters with unique styles. Co-founder Maurice Redmond, who’s with Antino, explains: “This city is just so full of these fully formed characters you can build stories around. We just bring them together.” weareunlikeyou.com


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