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The Iceman cometh

Wim Hof is able to withstand deadly sub-zero temperatures by controlling his body’s core temperature. It could have important implications for you and your health

Text by Mandi Keighran / Photos: Henny Boogert

How to become an Iceman

Getting there

The Iceman offers one-day workshops, held around the world, and one-week winter trips in Krkonoše, Poland. Norwegian regularly flies to Prague in the Czech Republic, which is about a three-hour drive from the Inner Fire centre.


At the one-day workshop you will learn to master Hof’s breathing and concentration techniques to create a better connection with the nervous and immune systems. There will be ice baths involved. Check the website below for upcoming workshops.

Wintry week

If one day with the Iceman isn’t enough, you can sign up for a week-long winter trip in Krkonoše. During the week, Hof will teach the group his yoga, meditation and exercise techniques. You can then practise while running barefoot in the snow, or going swimming in icy waters. The next trips are planned for February.

Find out more and book workshops at Inner Fire

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Win! An Inner Fire weekend with Iceman Wim Hof

Iceman Wim Hof, who is known for his record-breaking exploits in the cold, believes that by learning his techniques everyone can make themselves stronger and prevent disease. You can win a weekend with Hof in Poland’s Giant Mountains, where you’ll learn the yoga and meditation that will help you conquer freezing temperatures and your own mind. We will also provide flights to nearby Prague from either Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Helsinki. To win, simply answer the following question, providing your email address and location.
Wim Hof’s world record for time submerged in ice is:


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