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Five winter adventures

Whether you want snow, springs or speed this winter, here's our pick of 2014's great escapes

  • Five winter adventures

    1. Northern Lights, Finland (photo: Markku Inkila and The Aurora Zone)

  • Five winter adventures

    2. Bobsledding, Norway

  • Five winter adventures

    3. Pools and falls, Iceland

  • Five winter adventures

    4. Snowshoeing, Dolomites, Italy

  • Five winter adventures

    5. Snowtubing, New York

Text by Julia Richardson

1. Northern Lights, Finland

Zoom across the frozen landscape in your snowmobile or dash through the snow on your cross-country skis, then round off the experience by witnessing the Northern Lights. But the best part? Marvel at one of nature’s most spectacular displays, from the comfort of your bed in an Aurora Bubble. It may look like a giant astronaut helmet but this bubble will shield you from the fierce temperatures outside and give you a panoramic view of the magical light show. 

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2. Bobsledding, Norway

Serious adrenaline junkies have the opportunity to hurtle around in a sleigh at Hunderfossen Olympic Park in Norway. The trip includes a snowmobile ride, a bob raft – which is a basic box-shaped bobsleigh with foam sides, and slower wooden runners – and the real deal, the taxi bob. The taxi bob is driven by an authorised pilot but as a passenger you’ll experience speeds of 120km/h. If that doesn’t get your heart rate racing, try the skeleton, which is where you whizz downhill on your stomach, headfirst, with your nose 1cm from the ice!

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3. Pools and falls, Iceland

Make the most of flowing water-based landscapes in Iceland. Explore the country’s longest river, Thjorsa River (230 kilometres long) before heading to the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, which wind their ways through ancient sea cliffs. Next, take a boat across the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon to wonder at floating icebergs. Then relax in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most famous hot spring.

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4. Snowshoeing, Italy

Take things back to basics and explore the winter landscape on foot. Hire a pair of snowshoes from your resort, strap them on and crunch your way through the snow. You should be able to easily pick up a snowshoeing itinerary or plan your own route as you trail your way through remote spots and explore mountain peaks, spotting arctic hares, silver foxes and golden eagles as you go. 

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5. Snowtubing, USA

When navigating the concrete boulevards of New York City wears thin, head out of town to the mountains for a different kind of adventure. Snowtubing involves sitting in a canvas-covered tube and gliding down snowy mountain slopes. It’s suitable for all ages and you can tube individually or in groups of up to six. 

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