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When did lamps start blowing bubbles?

Since Sweden’s Front came up with the Surface Tension lamp

When did lamps start blowing bubbles?

Text by Claire Barrett

We wanted to make a constantly changing lamp,” says Sofia Lagerkvist, one third of the all-female Swedish design group Front, creators of the Surface Tension Lamp. “Bubbles are mesmerising to look at, and the size and shape of each one varies every time.”

Front’s lamp has an LED light source that lasts 50,000 hours and a small container for soapy liquid. As pressure builds behind the membrane a bubble grows. “In the time it takes the LED to burn out, the lamp will have produced three million different globe shades,” says Lagerkvist.

The lamp is the latest example of Front’s innovative take on everyday objects like loudspeakers, which they housed in glass. The trio made a splash in 2003 with furniture that featured patterns created by dogs, rats and snakes. They’ve since been fêted by such magazines as Elle Interiör (Sweden) and Icon, and the lamp – a limited edition of which is available from Booo – has been nominated as one of 2013’s Designs of the Year by London’s Design Museum. frontdesign.se

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