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Is airport food always rubbish?

Not anymore. And now Stockholm Arlanda Airport is sending out a food truck to prove the point

Is airport food always rubbish?

Once upon a time, a greasy buffet meal was the best you could hope for in an airport. But that’s all changing. You can eat British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s famous Full Monty breakfast at London Gatwick, or Michelin-starred chef Carles Gaig’s buñuelos de bacalao at Barcelona’s Porta Gaig, last year voted the world’s best airport restaurant. At Copenhagen Airport, there is a pair of restaurants from two- Michelin starred chef Francis Cardenau (see here): steakhouse MASH and French Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro.

But none has gone as far as Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which recently took a food truck into the centre of town at lunchtimes to serve the best airport meals in one place. The food truck serves six meals from different outlets at the airport, all for SEK65 (NOK60) – like Himmel og Hav’s truffle risotto, pulled pork from Food Market or Taste of Sweden’s lasagne, made with Uppland beef and 12-month aged Järna cheese. After launching in September in three central locations, more than 800 locals tried the dishes in the first fortnight.

“People don’t think of airport food as the best, but we think they’ll be positively surprised,” says Michael Persson Gripkow of Swedavia, which owns 11 of Sweden’s airports and is behind the scheme. “We want the airport to be seen as a legitimate gourmet destination.” 


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