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How to do Los Angeles

From seeing the back of the Hollywood sign to finding LA’s best secret beach, local experts share their insider tips on Norwegian’s new destination

Dress like a star (literally)

David Bright is special projects manager for It’s a Wrap, the world’s only shop that sells clothes and props from movie and TV sets

“We have contracts with all the major studios to collect the clothing purchased for use in movies and TV shows, once the show closes. We pick the item up, launder or dry clean it, tag it, process it and sell it for up to 90 per cent off the retail price.

“Sometimes clothing is marked for what actor or actress wore it in what production. Other times it was bought for a certain actor to try on and didn’t end up being used, so about 60 per cent of our stock is brand new. There are pieces from stores like Target to high-end boutiques – Gucci, Prada and US$1,000 (NOK5,900) dresses. Of course, there’s the allure of Hollywood, but our regular customers also come in for the prices.”


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