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How do you fly like ET?

Meet the Paravelo, the world’s first flying bike

How do you fly like ET?

The last time a bicycle took to the skies, ET was onboard – but now flying bikes are a reality thanks to the new Paravelo, a bike attached to a paramotor, which normally propels paragliders.

Three years in the making, Paravelo is the brainchild of bicycle designers John Foden and Yannick Read, who went to British paramotor company Parajet to get it made. The bicycle design is based on the Dahon folding bike and uses aircraft-grade aluminium, with a trailer attached that holds the paramotor and the wing (or kite).

When it’s time to fly, the bike and trailer click together to form a tricycle stable enough for take off. It can reach up to 2,745m high at speeds of 40kph. After landing, you can detach the trailer or use the wing to create a one-man tent.

According to Parajet MD Jim Edmondson, 50-100 of the £12,500 (NOK118,660) bikes should be sold in the next year. “The bike’s for anyone who wants to get into aviation, but can’t afford a microlight or a Cessna,” he says. “The beauty is you don’t need an airport; you just need a place to take off and land.”



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