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How did they build that?

Norway’s new Hardanger Bridge is one of the world’s longest bridges. Was it easy to build? No, not really

How did they build that?

Norway’s impressive Hardanger Bridge opens this month, replacing the ferry between Bruravik and Brimnes in Ulvik county, significantly reducing the driving time from Oslo to Bergen. It is the world’s longest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge due to a 2.5km tunnel on the south side and a 7.5km tunnel to the north, and its 1,310m main span is 30m longer than that of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

The four-year project, led by construction firm MT Højgaard, cost NOK2.3 billion and used 14,000 tonnes of steel. Giant anchors were drilled into the hill-sides (2) and cables connected to the 200m towers (3). Then more cables were laid across the pylons, before 23 60m sections of road were attached (4). See MT Højgaard’s website for the full, more complicated, details.


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