When Norwegian's first Boeing 737s took to the skies in 2002, we challenged a well-established monopoly. This is why we adorn the tails of our aircraft with personalities who have pushed boundaries. Today, we have tail fin heroes from several of the countries we operate in, including all the Nordic countries, as well as Spain, France, England, Ireland and Scotland.

Explore our tail fin heros

  • Andre Bjerke

    Andre Bjerke

    Norwegian writer

  • Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

    Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson

    Norwegian Writer

  • Elsa Beskow

    Elsa Beskow

    Swedish author

  • H C Andersen

    H C Andersen

    Danish author

  • Ivar Aasen

    Ivar Aasen

    Norwegian linguist

  • Jens Glad Balchen

    Jens Glad Balchen

    Norwegian Engineer

  • John Bauer

    John Bauer

    Swedish artist

  • Karen Blixen

    Karen Blixen

    Danish author

  • Kristian Birkeland

    Kristian Birkeland

    Norwegian natural scientist

  • Anders Celsius

    Anders Celsius

    Swedish astronomer

  • Aril Edvardsen

    Aril Edvardsen

    Norwegian evangelist

  • Camilla Collett

    Camilla Collett

    Norwegian writer

  • Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    Explorer of the new world

  • Clara Campoamor

    Clara Campoamor

    Spanish politician

  • Edvard Grieg

    Edvard Grieg

    Norwegian romantic composer

  • Erik Bye

    Erik Bye

    Norwegian artist

  • Frederika Bremer

    Frederika Bremer

    Swedish author

  • Georg Brandes

    Georg Brandes

    Danish literary critic

  • Gloria Fuertes

    Gloria Fuertes

    Spanish poet

  • Greta Garbo

    Greta Garbo

    Swedish actress

  • Helmer Hanssen

    Helmer Hanssen

    Norwegian polar explorer

  • Henrik Ibsen

    Henrik Ibsen

    Norwegian playwright

  • Ivo Caprino

    Ivo Caprino

    Norwegian film director

  • Rosalia de Castro

    Rosalia de Castro

    Spanish author

  • J C H Ellehammer

    J C H Ellehammer

    Danish inventor

  • Johan Falkberget

    Johan Falkberget

    Norwegian author

  • Juan Sebastian Elcano

    Juan Sebastian Elcano

    Spanish explorer

  • Kirsten Flagstad

    Kirsten Flagstad

    Norwegian opera singer

  • Ludvig Holberg

    Ludvig Holberg

    Danish-Norwegian writer

  • Minna Canth

    Minna Canth

    Finnish writer and activist

  • Ole Bull

    Ole Bull

    Norwegian violinist

  • Peter Christen Asbjørn

    Peter Christen Asbjørn

    Norwegian folklorist

  • Piet Hein

    Piet Hein

    Danish philosopher

  • Roald Dahl

    Roald Dahl

    British storywriter

  • Sam Eyde

    Sam Eyde

    Norwegian entrepreneur

  • Sonja Henie

    Sonja Henie

    Norwegian figure skating

  • Thorbjørn Egner

    Thorbjørn Egner

    Norwegian writer

  • Tycho Brahe

    Tycho Brahe

    Danish astronomer

  • Victor Borge

    Victor Borge

    Danish comedian

  • Tailfinhero

  • Aasmund Olavsson

    Aasmund Olavsson

    Norwegian writer

  • Aksel Sandemose

    Aksel Sandemose

    Norwegian author

  • Amalie Skram

    Amalie Skram

    Norwegian author

  • Anders Zorn

    Anders Zorn

    Swedish artist

  • Anton K H Jakobsen

    Anton Jakobsen

    Norwegian politician

  • Asta Nielsen

    Asta Nielsen

    Danish actress

  • Carl Larsson

    Carl Larsson

    Swedish artist

  • Carl Nielsen

    Carl Nielsen

    Danish composer

  • Carl von Linne

    Carl von Linne

    Swedish natural scientist

  • Christian Krohg

    Christian Krohg

    Norwegian painter

  • Christina Nilsson

    Christina Nilsson

    Swedish soprano

  • Christopher Polhem

    Christopher Polhem

    Swedish inventor

  • Dirch Passer

    Dirch Passer

    Danish actor

  • Edvard Munch

    Edvard Munch

    Norwegian artist

  • Evert Taube

    Evert Taube

    Swedish poet

  • Frederikke Marie Quam

    Frederikke Marie Quam

    Norwegian activist

  • Fridtjof Nansen

    Fridtjof Nansen

    Norwegian explorer

  • Geirr Twitt

    Geirr Twitt

    Norwegian composer

  • Georg Sverdrup

    Georg Sverdrup

    Norwegian polar explorer

  • Gidsken Jakobsen

    Gidsken Jakobsen

    Norwegian aviation pioneer

  • Gunnar Sonsteby

    Gunnar Sønsteby

    Norwegian resistance hero

  • Gustav Vigeland

    Gustav Vigeland

    Norwegian sculptor

  • Harry S Pettersen

    Harry S Pettersen

    Norwegian resistance hero

  • H.C. Ørsted

    H.C. Ørsted

    Danish physicist

  • Helge Ingestad

    Helge Ingestad

    Norwegian explorer

  • Henrik Vergeland

    Henrik Wergeland

    Norwegian poet

  • Jenny Lind

    Jenny Lind

    Swedish opera singer

  • Johan Thaulow

    Johan Thaulow

    Norwegian painter

  • Johan Ludvig Rundberg

    Johan Ludvig Rundberg

    Finnish poet

  • Jørgen Moe

    Jørgen Moe

    Norwegian folklorist

  • Jørn Utzon

    Jørn Utzon

    Danish architect

  • Knud Rasmussen

    Knud Rasmussen

    Danish arctic explorer

  • Max Manus

    Max Manus

    Norwegian Resistance hero

  • Indietro