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Direct to Gate

Travelling light and local in or from the Nordics?

Breeze straight on through to your gate

  • If you're flying with just hand baggage from a Nordic country to another European destination (not UK), you can show your travel document on your smartphone at security screening and go directly to your gate.
  • Use your SMS ticket, our Norwegian Travel Assistant app or the 'check in' button in My Travels to display your boarding pass on your smartphone. Have this ready to show as you move through security.
  • You can also print out the travel document sent to you when you made your booking, and show this at security. If your phone is out of battery, you'll need to get a paper boarding pass from our check-in kiosks or counter.

Pro tip: To make sure your flight leaves on time  with you on it  please respect our boarding deadlines.

Passenger going direct to gate
You can go Direct to Gate if you're travelling with just hand baggage from the Nordics to another European country (excluding the UK).
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