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*We now offer one free rebooking on all our flights

Flex tickets are always changeable at no charge, but for a limited time we're offering one free rebooking on Lowfare and Lowfare+ tickets booked on or before 21 August 2022. To qualify for one free change:
  • Changes must be done no later than 7 days prior to your planned departure.
  • Any fare difference will be applied.
  • No refund is made if the new fare is lower than the original.
  • Travel on your changed itinerary must be completed on or before 29 October 2022.
  • Destinations can only be changed from domestic to domestic (within the same country) or international to international.
  • If these conditions are not met, you may change your Lowfare or Lowfare+ ticket at any time for a fee. (30 GBP + price difference, limited offer for changes made between 10 January and 21 August 2022). Change fee is per person, per way. Other terms and conditions for LowFare and LowFare+ can be found on our Fare Rules page.

24-hour money-back guarantee

  • Full refund within 24 hours of original purchase. After this time normal conditions apply.
  • Full refund for bookings made less than 24 hours before scheduled departure and cancelled within 4 hours of initial purchase.