Norwegian Reward

1. What is Norwegian Reward?
Norwegian Reward is Norwegian's frequent flyer program through which Norwegian rewards its customers with Cash Points for flights with Norwegian.
2. What are CashPoints?
CashPoints are Norwegian's own currency. 1 CashPoint is equivalent to NOK 1 when purchasing flights with Norwegian. CashPoints can be used as full or part payment for flights, seating, baggage and changes to flights through your profile at* or Norwegian's corporate portal at
3. Will I be sent a card?
No. This is a card-free program and is associated with your personal profile at and/or the corporate profile in the corporate portal.
4. Will I accumulate CashPoints if I order my trip from a travel agency?
Yes, state your Reward number (which you will find in your Norwegian profile) and you will accumulate points for My Reward. If you are a corporate customer, specify the agreement code which we have sent to your company.
5. Where can I use my CashPoints?
You can use your CashPoints through your profile on Norwegian's webpages and in the corporate profile on Norwegian's corporate portal.
6. Can I use CashPoints at a travel agency to pay for my trip?
No. This can be done through your profile on Norwegian's webpages and in the corporate profile on Norwegian's corporate portal.
7. How long are CashPoints valid for?
Your CashPoints remain valid until the end of the year you made your purchase + 2 years. For example, CashPoints for a flight purchased/paid for on 1 September 2009 are valid until 31 December 2011.
8. Will I receive CashPoints for group travel, i.e. flights ordered from Norwegian's group travel department?
No, for the time being you cannot accumulate CashPoints for group travel.
10. Can I use my CashPoints to pay for additional services when purchasing flights?
Yes, you may use your Cash Points for full or partial payment of baggage, seat reservations, ticket changes and special baggage such as ski and golf equipment.
11. Can I accumulate Norwegian Cash Points for all tickets?
Yes, all published prices with the exception of trips paid for through Norwegian's group travel department.
12. Is there an upper limit to the number of CashPoints I can accumulate?
No, there is no upper limit.
13. Do I receive CashPoints for all currencies?
Yes, you accumulate CashPoints irrespective of the currency you have ordered the journey.
14. How are CashPoints calculated in other currencies beside NOK?
They are calculated based on the ticket value in NOK, where 1 CashPoint = NOK 1. The value of your accumulated CashPoints will alter proportionally to changes in exchange rates. CashPoints are accumulated on the net flight price (excluding taxes, charges, duties etc).
15. Where can I find my Reward number?
You will find your Reward number in your personal profile.
16. Do I receive CashPoints if I purchase flights for several people?
No. CashPoints are accumulated personally. But if you order for several people in the same profile, you can manually insert the other passengers' My Reward numbers if they have them.