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Group Travel Conditions

A group booking must consist of at least 10 people travelling together.

Group rates are slightly higher than individual rates, but group rules provide greater flexibility regarding name change and payment.

A 20% deposit must be paid 14 days after the customer accepts the reservation.

You can freely alter the names of the passengers.

The group size can be reduce by 10% without loss of deposit, until 30 days or 60 days before departure, and the residual sum must be paid within 30 days or 60 days before departure, depending on the destination.

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Boeing 737!
The 787 DreamlinerX
Enjoy the smooth and fresh flight of a 787 Dreamliner - the most modern aircraft in the world!
Free WiFi on flightX
This route has free wireless internet access. Use it to surf and read e-mail with your PC, mobile phone or tablet.
(*) We are currently rolling out WiFi on more and more planes, but depending on to traffic flow, some flights may not have WiFi available.
Transit routeX
Norwegian brings both you and your baggage through to your final destination.
If you are travelling from abroad to a domestic destination, remember customs clearance of baggage.
Transit routeX
If you're flying via Buenos Aires on an international-domestic or domestic-international connection, you'll need to collect your baggage at the first airport, arrange ground transport between the airports and check in again.
Route with overnight stopX
Please note that this trip has transit flight the following day.
Intermediate stopX
Flights with an intermediate stop does not include change of aircraft.
Route with transit and intermediate stopX
Flights with an intermediate stop does not include change of aircraft. There are no disembarking, just boarding of new passengers.
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