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San Telmo in Buenos Aires

5 unmissable Buenos Aires barrios

Tempted by beautiful Buenos Aires pads on Airbnb, but not sure about their locations? Pick the neighbourhood that’s right for you with our handy guide to five of the best

1. Palermo

Buenos Aires’ largest barrio (neighbourhood) and coolest hub is made up of numerous sub-districts. Head to Soho’s cobbled streets for cute boutiques and cafes, Hollywood for buzzy nightlife, Villa Crespo for shopping outlets and Botánico for green spaces like the Jardín Japonés (Japanese Garden).

2. Chacarita

Best known as the home of Argentina’s largest cemetery, Chacarita (“Little Farm”) is a district on the up. An Airbnb favourite in 2016, it lures visitors with organic produce markets, boho bistros and a smattering of art galleries. Spacious Parque Los Andes hosts a weekend flea market.

3. Almagro

Tango’s spiritual home, Almagro hosts singer Carlos Gardel’s house-museum and an array of milongas (dance halls). If tango’s not your style, it also serves up a parade of Peruvian restaurants, plus fine Art Deco architecture at the Abasto produce market-turned-shopping mall.

4. Barracas

Another barrio undergoing regeneration, Barracas showcases art and design from up-and-comers at the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño and eye-catching street art, such as the colourful murals on Calle Lanín. It’s a great area for graffiti spotting (though not at night when things get a bit sketchy in a different way).

5. San Telmo

The city’s oldest barrio, San Telmo keeps Buenos Aires’ bohemian spirit alive and well. On Sundays, explore the antique stalls on Plaza Dorrego and craft market along Calle Defensa. Refuel at emblematic cafe El Hipopótamo, then kick back in leafy Parque Lezama.

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