Santorini Greece

Why go?

The best sunset spot in the Med, located in the village of Oia, is the main draw for many, but the island’s growing status as a foodie hotspot with some of Greece’s finest produce and wine, is, arguably, more compelling.

Local hotspot

Located in the seaside villages of Kamari and Perissa down in the south-east corner, the waterfront bars are used to the sight of revelers taking to the black, volcanic sands for a dance as afternoon turns to evening.

You probably didn’t know

Some scholars – admittedly at the New Age-ier end of the spectrum – believe the isle could be the site of the lost city of Atlantis.

Suggested reading

It was Plato who first discussed the existence of Atlantis. Debate still rages today whether he based the story on historical fact, or whether the decline of the fabled city is a mere a moral allegory, but you can decide for yourself by reading Timaeu (possibly not in the original Greek).

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