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Norwegian Holidays: General Conditions for Package Travel

Norwegian Holiday AS (hereinafter referred to as Norwegian Holidays), organisation number 992 911 700, is a Norwegian company with headquarters in Oslo, with business address Oksenøyveien 3, 1366 Lysaker.

Purchases and sales of package holidays are covered by the Norwegian Package Travel Act (pakkereiseloven) of 25 August 1995. Norwegian Holidays has provided securities to, and are associated with the “Reisegarantifondet” (Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund).
These Terms apply between Norwegian Holidays and its customers for purchases made on this site, to which the Norwegian Package Travel Act (pakkereiseloven) applies. To be considered a package, the booking must include at least two of the following items sold or marketed as a total price: transportation, accommodation at the final destination, or other tourist services lasting more than 24 hours that form an integral part of the arrangement; but that is not directly related to transport or accommodation.

Other flights and services are not covered by these terms.

1. General

Flights are provided by Norwegian Air Shuttle (Carrier), whilst hotels, rental cars, concierge services, insurance, and certain other products and services are provided directly to you by independent travel providers. The travel providers are not agents, employees or subcontractors of Norwegian Holidays and Norwegian Holidays are not responsible for their actions, omissions, or products and services provided by them.

2. Acceptance of the agreement and payment conditions

The agreement between the parties is deemed entered into upon confirmation of the booking. Prior to the confirmation of booking, the customer shall have received information about the passport and visa requirements, etc. the desired destination, for EU/EEA citizens, see also section 4.2.

Packages are payable in full at time of booking and the booking must be completed and confirmed no later than 3 days before departure. Bookings must be made at For changes and cancellations of a package, see section 6 below.

Norwegian Holidays does not offer bookings for more than nine persons. Norwegian Holidays will not be held liable for any additional fees imposed by independent travel providers if you travel with more than nine persons together as a group even if bookings are made separately.

3. Terms of agreement

The agreement includes package tour(s) as stated in the booking confirmation and travel document or similar document, as well as any additional services included in the package tour by agreement between the parties.

Transportation or arrangements (e.g. excursions etc.) are only included within the package tour if they are sold or marketed at a total price.
Information published on the Norwegian Holidays website or through other information channels is part of the agreement, unless such information is likely to be irrelevant to the customer purchasing the package tour. Information is also not considered as part of the agreement if changed in a significant way prior agreement.

In addition to these conditions, which consist of the main conditions for the agreement, Norwegian Air Shuttle’s General Conditions of Carriage will apply to the flight portion of the package insofar as it does not conflict with the Norwegian Holidays Terms and Conditions and travel information published on the Norwegian Holidays homepage. In the event of any conflicting information between the General Conditions of Carriage and these Terms, the latter shall prevail.

The Norwegian version of the Norwegian Holidays Terms and Conditions is the original text, and any versions in other languages are a translation of this. In the event of any inconsistency between the Norwegian and any other translated version, the original Norwegian version will take precedence.

We strive to have the information on our website updated and accurate at all times, but we accept no liability for errors. We will do our utmost to rectify errors and omissions as soon as we are notified of such errors.

3.1 Packages and prices

The quoted price for the package is inclusive of all taxes and fees, including government fees and charges. Any local charges at the destination, such as airport taxes and other local taxes may apply. Such fees are not included in the package price and must be paid for by the customer. In addition, the price includes special requests or other optional services which Norwegian Holidays has agreed to, and included in the package price.

Cancellation Protection can be purchased in addition to the package tour price, and is not covered by these terms. This also applies to any ticket bought separately in conjunction with the package, or any land travel arrangement which is not part of the package tour.

No changes will be made to the package price after your reservation is confirmed. Once payment is completed, no retroactive price adjustments will be applied. Norwegian Holidays reserves the right to correct any errors made in the pricing of the package tour.

All advertised prices and rates are subject to availability, may be changed at any time without notice, are valid only for new bookings only, are capacity controlled, may not be available on all dates or routes, and may be limited to certain categories.

4. Special conditions relating to the agreement

4.1 Cancellation Protection

A customer may purchase cancellation insurance at the same time the customer orders the package. Cancellation protection applies only to the journey and the person or traveller for which cancellation insurance is purchased.

For further provisions regarding cancellation protection, see information on the Norwegian Holiday’s website.

Customers are advised to take out insurance with an insurance company, i.e. insurance for loss of or damage to luggage, etc. and to cover medical expenses and possible repatriation due to accident / illness. Customers are advised to bring a European Health Insurance Card.

4.2 Entry requirements (passport and visa)

Norwegian Holidays has an obligation under the Package Act to inform EU / EEA citizens about the visa requirements for desired destinations. For more information regarding the requirements for Norwegian citizens please refer to the Foreign Ministry's information pages at

Citizens of any other country are advised to contact their local embassy or consulate.

Persons making a booking on behalf of others are obliged to inform his/her travel companion of such requirements.

4.3 Health information

For information concerning health regulations and requirements for desired destinations, Norwegian citizens are referred to the Foreign Ministry's information pages at Citizens of any other country are advised to contact their local embassy or consulate.

4.4 Transportation information

In the event of a change to the transporting carrier for the journey purchased, Norwegian Holidays shall make every effort to promptly notify the customer of such change.

4.5 Other terms

Purchases and sales of package holidays are covered by the Norwegian Package Travel Act. Customers of Norwegian Holidays are eligible for a refund from the Travel Guarantee Fund should the package tour be cancelled due to bankruptcy or default of the organiser. For more information, Norwegian Holidays refers to the Travel Guarantee Fund website,

5. Hotel

5.1 Number of hotel nights

The number of hotel nights might not always coincide with the number of travel days if the return flight is at night.

5.2 Hotel rating

The hotel classification system is in accordance with what our suppliers have created, but does not have to coincide with the official rating. Norwegian Holidays assumes no responsibility for how the individual supplier has chosen to classify the hotel.

Please note that the classification is in accordance with each country's rating system. Meaning, a 3 star hotel, might have a different standard from one country to another.

5.3 Hotel description

We will do our utmost to ensure that the information provided on our website regarding products, services, facilities and descriptions is accurate and up to date. We obtain such information from our suppliers, and can therefore not guarantee that this information will always be up to date and accurate.

Norwegian Holidays, our vendors and affiliates cannot guarantee the accuracy and we are, therefore, subject to any inaccuracies relating to the information and description of the hotel, car rental companies and other travel products displayed on the website (including, without limitation, photographs, description of hotel amenities, general product descriptions, location on a map, etc.).

6. Cancellation and amendment

Norwegian Holidays policy does not permit changes or cancellations to purchased tours.

Unused portions of the package cannot be changed or refunded.

Please note that Norwegian Holidays’ terms regarding cancellations deviates from the provision of the Norwegian General Conditions for Package Travel (“Alminnelige vilkår for pakkereiser”), due restrictions and limitations by third party suppliers.

6.1 Cancellation in case of force majeure

In the event of determined acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated with the foregoing in the immediate vicinity of the destination within 14 days prior to the commencement of travel, and if there are reasonable grounds to assume that these conditions will still be in effect when travel commences, the customer has the right to cancel the tour. This policy also applies when such events occur during the journey and involve a genuine risk to the customer.

Customers should check with the applicable country’s government Authority for information prior to tour date.

When a package tour is cancelled due to the above-mentioned conditions, the customer shall be entitled to a refund of the amount paid.

In the event a customer books a package to a particular destination with the foreknowledge of the above described events, he/she may waive the right to a refund.

6.2 General cancellation policy

Norwegian Holidays’ right to cancel arrangements with third party suppliers is limited and the customers’ right to cancel is restricted accordingly. Customers should be advised that on a general basis, it is not possible to change or cancel trips purchased from Norwegian Holidays.

6.3 Refund policy

Consumer law does not apply to the purchase of package holidays, flights or accommodation when the purchase is made on the Internet. All purchases are final.

7. Norwegian Holidays' right to cancel or change a journey without liability

7.1 Circumstances outside the Norwegian Holidays' control

Norwegian Holiday may cancel a package without liability if the journey cannot be completed due to circumstances beyond Norwegian Holidays' control and Norwegian Holidays could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account when the package was purchased, and that neither Norwegian Holidays themselves are responsible for, nor able to avoid or overcome the consequences of. Such circumstances may include war or acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events that must be equated with the foregoing.

If a journey is cancelled prior to departure due to obstacles outside the Norwegian Holidays' control, any amount paid to the customer shall be refunded. Alternatively, the customer is entitled to participate in another package if Norwegian Holidays is able to offer such an alternative. If the alternative package is more expensive than the original, the customer will be charged the difference. If the alternative package is less expensive, the customer can claim a refund of the paid difference.

Under the same conditions as mentioned in the first paragraph of this section, Norwegian Holidays shall not be liable if the package tour is amended or interrupted as a result of such circumstances occurring after the package tour has begun. If the trip is cut short by Norwegian Holidays or the customer due to such conditions, the customer shall be entitled to a proportionate reduction in price. Norwegian Holidays undertakes, to the extent it is possible, to eliminate any risks or hardships to the customer. If the trip is cancelled we will ensure repatriation to the agreed location at no cost and with minimum inconvenience to the customer. The point in time of such repatriation will depend on an assessment of the actual conditions at the location, including the real risks and / or the real drawbacks represented by a continued stay.

Norwegian and local authorities' statements will be considered in the evaluation.

If Norwegian Holidays is unable to ensure repatriation in a timely manner, and the customer must arrange for the return journey himself, Norwegian Holidays may be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the customer as a result.

7.2 Norwegian Holidays' right to change the content or the travel terms after the agreement

Norwegian Holidays reserves the right to change the package tour.

Norwegian Holidays shall endeavour to inform the customer in writing as soon as possible when changing the terms or content of the tour. Norwegian Holidays shall also inform the client of his right to rescind the purchase of the journey if the changes mean that the journey will suffer from significant shortcomings of the customer after the change, or to demand a price reduction if the journey would be incomplete. If the customer has not invoked this right to contest within three days after notice of the change has come forward, he or she loses the right to cancel the contract or demand a reduction in price. If special circumstances leading to the deadline cannot be met, the customer is obliged to give notice as soon as possible and within a reasonable time.

8. Partners obligations

8.1 Norwegian Holiday’s obligation

Norwegian Holidays will deliver the package in accordance with the agreement. However, if unforeseen circumstances require changes in the package, Norwegian Holidays will endeavour with reasonable extent to ensure that the traveller is exposed to the least possible inconvenience and shall as soon as possible inform the client of these changes.

If the customer is not satisfied with the service, Norwegian Holidays will attempt to do what is reasonably possible to remedy the defect.

8.2 Customers' obligation

The customer is obligated to familiarize themselves with the terms of both the organiser and the carrier as well as the conditions Norwegian Holidays – for example, via e-mail or on the website – when ordering. The customer is obligated to inform the Norwegian Holidays if contact information changes after booking.

8.2.1 Payment

The Customer shall pay the agreed charges within the time limit stipulated in the conditions. Norwegian Holidays reserves the right to cancel an order in the event of non-payment.

8.2.2 Information

Customer shall provide Norwegian Holidays relevant information for the implementation of the package tour. When ordering on behalf of fellow travellers, the customer is obligated to provide accurate and relevant information in relation each additional traveller. Norwegian Holidays is not responsible for problems arising as a result of personal or special needs passengers that were not conveyed or conveyed correctly. Those who book a package on behalf of others, are required to ensure that the person / persons to participate in the package tour comply with Norwegian Holiday’s rules, and that they are registered to participate in package tour without charge to themselves or others.

8.2.3 Complaints

The traveller is obligated to contact Norwegian Holidays within a reasonable time if the traveller discovers a defect that would give the traveller rights under the Package Travel Act. If the traveller discovers the defect after the package has commenced, the client must attempt to contact the appropriate channels immediately. All complaints must be submitted no later than four weeks after the end of the package commencement.

8.2.4 Travel documents

The Customer shall ensure that tickets and other travel documents and the names of travellers are in accordance with what is written in the passport. Passengers are required to bring a valid passport, visas, health certificates, driver's license, tickets and other documents as may be necessary for the journey. The traveller is obligated to provide such documents as may be necessary for the individual traveller, and the traveller is obligated to make provision for any other approvals as necessary to complete the package. The airline has the right to refuse a traveller if the required documents are not carried or is not valid.

8.2.5 Other

For Customer's other responsibilities refer to the conditions applicable to third parties.

8.2.6 Consequences for breach of contract

In the event of an aggravated breach of these terms (or conditions contained in Section 7.2.5), Norwegian Holidays reserves the right to refuse the further participation of travellers on the journey. Norwegian Holidays has as no responsibility for the additional costs associated with forward /changed repatriation. The rejected travellers cannot bring claims relating to that part of the journey not used.

The customer may be liable for losses or additional expenses incurred by the Norwegian Holidays in connection with the foregoing. Customers are responsible for the damage and loss etc. by ordinary tort rules.

9. Shortcomings

9.1 Shortcomings before departure

Customer may terminate the agreement before departure if it is clear that the service has significant shortcomings. The same applies if the terms of the contract change and it is a major inconvenience for the customer. The Customer shall give Norwegian Holidays notification of such inconveniences within a reasonable time. If at all possible, such notice should be given no later than one week after the notification of the change was received, or as soon as possible if the message is received shortly before departure. The customer is then entitled to a full refund of all sums paid and any claims pursuant to the Norwegian Package Travel Act (pakkereiseloven) § 5-3.

Alternatively, the customer is entitled a change to another package travel if Norwegian Holidays is able to offer this. If the replacement package offered is more expensive, the customer must pay the difference in price after deduction of any compensation the customer might be entitled to under the Norwegian Package Travel Act (pakkereiseloven) § 5-3. If the new package is cheaper, Norwegian Holidays shall pay the customer the difference between the original price of the purchased package price and the price of the replacement package, with the addition of such compensation as referred to above.

9.2 Shortcomings after departure

As per the above, a package is deficient when it differs from the contract and the variance is not due to the client or client-caused circumstances. However, deviations from the agreement are not considered as defective if the deviation is minor, or are of a kind that the customer should expect might occasionally occur. The same is true in circumstances beyond Norwegian Holiday’s control.

A customer must report package shortcomings within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered.

Rights to claim, after departure:

a) Remedial:
A customer may request that Norwegian Holidays remedy the defect if it can be done without unreasonable expense or inconvenience to the customer. The remedial must be made within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the customer. If the customer does not attempt to remedy the shortcoming, nor contact Norwegian Holidays as soon as possible regarding such shortcomings – so that Norwegian Holidays might attempt to correct such shortcomings – the customer loses the right to further claims.

b) Price reduction:
If Norwegian Holidays is unable to solve the shortcoming, the customer may be entitled to a proportionate reduction in the price, or a reasonable reimbursement for the expenses the customer has absorbed in trying to rectify the shortcoming.

c) Right to cancel:
Should the package travel have significant shortcomings and the purpose of the package travel therefore significantly flawed, the customer may use the right to cancel to claim a refund for the total amount paid according to the agreement. If the customer uses this right to cancel according to this agreement, he is entitled to be transported free of charge back to the point of departure, or to any other place where the package travel should have ended, provided the package travel includes an element of transportation.

d) Compensation:
In the event a package deficiency causes loss to the customer, the customer can claim compensation. A customer may, where he has not suffered any loss, file a claim if the defect has caused significant inconvenience to the customer. Norwegian Holidays is not liable for the above loss if Norwegian Holidays can demonstrate that the defect is due to circumstances beyond Norwegian Holidays or its partners’ control. In addition, Norwegian Holidays will not be liable if the company or its partners could not reasonably be expected to prevent or avert the consequences of at the date of the contract signing. It is Norwegian Holiday’s duty to provide customer the necessary assistance as quickly as possible.

Whether or not Norwegian Holidays is liable according to the above, the traveller is obligated to minimize the loss as best he can. Compensation cannot be claimed for any loss or damage caused by the passenger's negligence or conditions.

e) EU Regulation 261/2004 (delays, cancellations and overbookings):
In the event of long delays, cancellations and/or overbookings, the EU Regulation will apply.

Where passengers have been paid a compensation amount under EU rules, by law, this amount must be deducted in the calculation of any price reduction / compensation in regards to the package. Where the EU directive gives passengers the right to terminate the air contract of carriage, this does not apply to the rest of the package tour unless the defect is of such a nature that the condition to cancel the entire package is present. If the passenger chooses to cancel the trip or cancel the purchase of the air journey by the provisions of the EU directive, but the conditions to cancel the purchase of the whole package by law are not present, the customer shall only refund the portion of the purchase price relating to transport.

f) The following circumstances fall outside the control of Norwegian Holidays:

  • Deviations from the agreement that are of minor importance for the completion of the journey or have been caused by customer’s choice of package.
  • Deviations from the customer expectations that are not created by Norwegian Holidays, of which circumstances are considered to be "normal" for the destination.
  • Abnormal weather conditions and other natural conditions beyond Norwegian Holiday’s control.
  • Circumstances the traveller should expect to encounter from time to time that are beyond Norwegian Holidays' control, or circumstances that do not deviate from what is implied in the contract.
  • Minor delays during transport or changed departure/arrival times. In particular, a delay or change in departure/arrival times due to conditions beyond the Carrier’s control is not considered a service deficiency. However, this does not prevent the customer from assistance and/or any compensation entitled under the EU regulations.
  • Deviations from the agreed due to the customer's own actions.

10. Disputes

The complaint and if the customer's complaint / claim is not met or if the parties cannot agree, the matter may be brought before the Complaints Board for packages or other dispute resolution body.

Governing Law

Except as otherwise provided by applicable international Conventions or international or national laws and regulations that a compulsory, your contract, our Terms and Conditions, Tariffs and Rules shall be governed by the laws of Norway.

11. Privacy statement

Information collected by Norwegian Holidays on this website is governed by Norwegian Air Shuttle’s privacy statement:

Norwegian Holidays’ trusted business partner, Switchfly, also collects information which is governed by Switchfly’s privacy policy:

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