Meet our new
787 Dreamliner
How will the 787 Dreamliner revolutionise long haul flights?
From a manufacturing point of view, the Dreamliner is a revolutionary leap in aircraft design. The use of composite materials not only contributes greater comfort, a reduction in cabin pressure, better air and less turbulence, but it also reduces fuel consumption by 20% per passenger, enabling us to offer you comfortable and state-of-\the-art long distance flights at our low prices.
Here are some features of the
787 Dreamliner:
  1. 20 percent lower fuel consumption per passenger compared to similar sized aircraft.
  2. More environmentally friendly, with 25-30 percent reduction in NOx-gasses.
  3. Significant reduction in cabin noise.
  4. Improved air quality in the cabin.
  5. Dreamliner can fly more than 1,000 km longer than any similar sized aircraft.
Our new Dreamliner 787

Our new Dreamliner 787