Sådan bookes Norwegian i Galileo:

Neutral availability request: A20SEPOSLPRG
Direct availability request: A20SEPOSLPRG*DY
Tab to the Fare Display screen: ZFD1
Tab to Fare Notes: ZFN11
Sell the segment (s) required: N1T1 or 0DY1502T20SEPOSLPRGNN1
Fare quote the segment (s): ZFQ
Fare Quote using agreement code: ZFQ:PRI-AgreementCode
Chargeable extras screen: ZFCE1
Seat Selection: ZSA*S1
Display seat characteristic: ZSC*S1/10A
Seat allocation: ZS.P1S1/10A
Form of payment: ZF1
Display the price summary: Z*FF

Add mandatory entries for completion of booking:

Name N.
Ticketing arrangement T.
Received R.
Written address W.
Delivery address D. (optional)
Email MF.
Phone P.
Displaying allocated seats: Z*SD
Display the existing extras: ZFCE*1

På Travelports hjemmeside kan du indhente mere information eller kontakte Travelports kontor med spørgsmål.

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