Fast track
Fast Track
Fast Track is included with all Flex tickets. If you have a LowFare ticket, Fast Track is also available for purchase at the time of booking or after the booking is made. See prices here. If you purchase Fast Track after the booking is made, you must remember to use the most up to date travel document at security control.

Until 1st January 2016, Fast Track is included in all tickets booked through a company agreement. Low Fare or Flex tickets? It doesn't matter, its included anyway.

Fast Track is available when travelling from the following airports: 

  • Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)
    NOTE: Available 05:00-21:00 (mon-fri) and 06:00-20:00 (sat-sun)  
  • Bergen Airport (Flesland)  
  • Stavanger Airport, Sola
  • Trondheim Airport, Værnes  
  • Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup (CPH express)
    NOTE: Available 05:00-21:00
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Priority lane)  
  • Gothenborg Landvetter domestic
Use the security queue marked Fast Track / CPH express / Priority lane. When travelling on a connecting flight, Fast Track is only valid at airports where this service is available from.  

This is what you need:

The prosedure is the same as when you pass through the ordinary security control. Boarding pass, ticket and creditcard can be used as validation and going through the Fast Track lane.
This is how it works:

When using the boarding pass or ticket, the code on the card/ticket is scanned when you go through the Fast Track lane. If you use a creditcard, you swipe the card as you go through. The Flex ticket is paid when you go through the Fast Track lane.
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