Hand baggage

Many passengers choose to travel with hand baggage, however there are certain conditions that apply.

Hand baggage allowances

You are permitted to carry one item of hand baggage (max 10kg - 55x40x23cm) in addition to one small personal item onboard the aircraft. Your personal item (e.g. small handbag or laptop case) must fit comfortably under the seat in front of you.

NOTE: When travelling to/from Dubai, your hand baggage must not exceed 8kg in total weight.

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Infants (under 2 years)
Infants under the age of two without their own seat do not have a hand baggage allowance and are only permitted to take onboard food for the journey. There are however restrictions regarding the carriage of liquids onboard. For more information, see restricted items.
Packing hand baggage
If you do not adhere to the hand baggage restrictions you will be asked to check in your baggage in accordance with our checked baggage rules. 

In the interest of safety and security, certain items are prohibited for carriage in your hand baggage. Items which may not be permitted onboard, include, but may not be limited to; weapons and replicas of weapons, sharp items, tools, explosives, flammables and chemical substances. Such restrictions are enforced by airport security and may vary depending on where you are travelling.

There are also strict restrictions regarding the carriage of liquids and the use of electronic equipment onboard all flights. Items such as baby food, medicine and tax free may be accepted for carriage onboard beyond these limits. Read more about restricted items.