10 experiences in Stockholm
1. The Royal Palace - from fortress to Palace
   Surrounded by water, by the bridge to Gamla Stan, is a magnificent building – the official residence of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden. The palace is over 250 years old, designed with the appearance of a Roman palace, and is a must-see for those who want to experience the magical, mystical side of Stockholm.

The palace is open almost every day, and offers guided tours throughout the three museums, chapel and main part of the palace.

The romantic Drottningholm Palace is also worth a visit.  Walk hand-in-hand through the many parks surrounding the palace, pray for love in the chapel, and dream of times where Cinderella-esque ballgowns were everyday attire.  Who says life can’t be a fairy tale?
2. Art Scene – be seduced, engaged and provoked
It’s possible to see great artworks all over the world – including Stockholm. But if you’d like to gain insight into an undiscovered, artistic underground, Stockholm is the place for you. Despite the exceptional history that it offers, this is also a city of contemporary art. 

You’ll find art everywhere – on the underground, in galleries, museums and theatres, on the streets and in the parks.

In addition to soaking up the art on the streets, you shouldn’t miss the following: 

Moderna Museet
The museum has one of the world’s most prominent collections of art dating from the 1900s until today. Here, you can see great works by artists that include Picasso, Dali and Matisse, in addition to contemporary Swedish art. 
Where: Skeppsholmen, Stockholm
Online: modernamuseet.se

The Vasa Museum

In 1628, a megalomanic king launched the world’s first warship, which sank less than 2 km from land on her maiden voyage! Sad for the king, but the ship has now been recovered and 95% of its original parts have been restored. This is the world’s only surviving ship from the 1600s, and a hair-raising historical experience! 
Where: Djurgården, Stockholm
Online: vasamuseet.se

Teater Giljotin
Teater Giljotin offers contemporary art in an expressionistic form. Here you will also find Grey Room Giljotin, Sweden’s first performance gallery. This is an experience best described as powerful, dramatic, emotional and provoking! 
Where: Torsgatan 41, 11362 Stockholm
Online: teatergiljotin.se
3.  Eat, love, live – Have you tried lamb with straw and moss?

  Stockholm offers food from all over the world, but Sweden is also a country with rich traditions of its own, and is more than ready to share them. The result? Amazing culinary combinations. 

How about tasting your way through all the Nobel dinners since 1901? Or how about dinner in dim, medieval surroundings in a cellar below five small houses? Or perhaps you’d prefer to sample cuisine of the world from one of the city’s countless street-side restaurants? Regardless, Stockholm has something for every palate and occasion.  To eat is to love, and to love is to live – at least, it is in Stockholm.

Straw and moss at Stallmästaregården
Nobel dinners at Stadshuskällaren
Dinner in a medieval cellar below five small houses

4. Skyview – a fantastic view over Stockholm
Stockholm is a majestic city, and soaring above the city completes the experience. Prepare to be lifted up and around the Ericsson Globe in a glass gondola. At the top, 130 metres above sea level, is a fantastic view over the entire city. With its clocks and towers, green areas, and the sea snaking its way into the city, this truly is a sight for sore eyes.

Tip: Book tickets in advance so that you are guaranteed a place, particularly during high season, from June to August. You can also book your own private gondola with champagne, and even get married in a gondola if the mood takes you!

5.  Stockholm CityWalk – bring good shoes
To feel the true spirit of Stockholm, you have to explore the city on foot. Few things are better than simply wandering through the streets – the cobblestones under your feet, the cries of seagulls in your ears, fresh air in your lungs, surrounded by people.

The following are worth visiting in particular:

Gamla Stan
Stockholm’s oldest quarter has much more to offer than the Royal Palace alone. Among Gothic churches and North German architecture is a labyrinth of narrow streets and chestnut trees.

This former working-class area has now become one of Stockholm’s hippest neighbourhoods. The atmosphere is Bohemian, and you will find all kinds of people here – the perfect combination of families with young children, urban trendsetters and fun-loving artistic types.
6.  Night life – everyone is welcome!
Stockholm is known for its countless bars, pubs and nightclubs. These are loved not only by Stockholm residents, but also by celebrities from across the world. In this Mecca of night life, you’ll find everything from trendy outdoor clubs to more relaxed pubs and inns.  Remember to dress smartly to ensure you gain admittance .

On the other hand, if you’d like to relax after a long day, you can go to Kungsholmen. Here you’ll find pubs and inns, designer beer and cocktails.

Stockholm also offers a good selection of nightspots for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people. Gay Pride is held in the city every summer, and is Scandinavia’s largest Pride festival.
7.  The archipelago – island hopping in the city
The Stockholm archipelago consists of over 30,000 islands, islets and rocks. Ferries will take you out to beaches and coastal rocks – the perfect location for lazy days with swimming, open fires and perhaps a summer romance?

The archipelago is also an excellent place for water-based activities. How about taking a kayak out on the Baltic waves? Or fishing for a dinner that you can later grill on an open fire? Sight-seeing tours are also offered between the islands, and several of them have restaurants with seasonal opening hours.
8. Shopping – collections and designs
Sweden is the homeland of brands such as Acne, Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden, all of which have experienced great success abroad. And if there is one thing that the Swedes are famous for, it’s design. Clean lines, details and quality are the key ingredients that can be found everywhere. 

There are several large shopping centres that carry the large, international brands – particularly those from Scandinavian designers. Most well-known is Nordiska Kompaniet, which is located just a stone’s throw from Gamla Stan.

Or perhaps you’d rather go hunting for second-hand treasures? The district of Södermalm features vintage boutiques and street markets side by side.
9. Swedish Museum of Architecture – a travel through history
Stockholm’s architecture dates all the way back to the 1200s, and has taken inspiration from beyond the country’s borders throughout the centuries. Foreign trends that crossed the border into Sweden were adapted to Swedish tastes and traditions.

Around 500 architects are represented at the Swedish Museum of Architecture, which describes Stockholm’s architectural development. Arkitekturmuseet.se

Also well worth a visit is the Nordic Museum. The museum portrays Swedish history, culture and tradition from 1520 to the present day. Here, you can see how people have lived throughout the various periods. And by the way, did you know that the refrigerator was invented in Sweden? Nordiskamuseet.se
10. Skansen – a city paradise for children 
Have you ever seen a wolf? Or a bear? Sweden is home to several different species of predator, and you can see most of them in Skansen, together with a delightful mix of other animals including mice, worms and rabbits. 

But Skansen isn’t just a zoo. You’ll also find an aquarium and open-air museum here, where you can see and experience what it was like to live in Sweden several hundred years ago. 

Skansen is situated on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. The entire island has been converted into a national park, the only one of its kind in the world. If you have a few hours to spare, you can take a trip to Junibacken to meet Pippi Longstocking, or visit the Gröna Lund amuseument park. 

Skansen, Junibacken, Djurgården, Gröna Lund