The sweet side of Stockholm

Among the many attractions of Stockholm, you can't miss the sweet smell of fresh cinnamon buns. In fact, Swedes love this pastry so much that it has been given its own day. Do you want to taste why they love it so much? Try these bakeries in the Swedish capital.


The aroma that Swedes love

Among the many museums, magnificent buildings and trendy cafes that Stockholm can boast, you will also find the Swedish cinnamon bun. Here is your guide to find the best places in town:  

Everywhere you go in Sweden, whether it is the corner kiosk, the trendy cafe or a busy office, you will probably recognise a sweet aroma. This is just an everyday phenomenon for the Swedes themselves, but as a tourist it is difficult to miss the wonderful odour of Swedish cinnamon buns.

In fact, Swedes love this pastry so much that they have even dedicated a day in its honour, 4 October. The origin of the cinnamon bun dates back to the 1920s, when it became possible to get hold of sugar and cinnamon once more, so if you want to taste this delicacy there are many places to choose from.

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Here is where you get the best cinnamon buns in Stockholm:
Café Saturnus: Eriksbergsgaten 6 is the place to find the biggest cinnamon buns in the city. They weigh a huge 400 grams, three times bigger than the normal bun!

Vete-Katten: This traditional pastry bakery from 1928 takes you back to Swedish cafe culture before the era of Caffe latte and biscotti. You'll find it in Kungsgatan 55.

Tössebageriet: Was founded in 1920 by Helga Södermark. This bakery offers delicious home-made pastries, using the same recipe that Helga used in the bakery's early years. You`ll find Tössebageriet in Karlavägen 77 in Stockhol.

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