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Stockholm is a groundbreaking, welcoming and innovative trendsetter. Fashion, technology, music, film, design and the game industry thrive here like never before. It is a place where creativity grows, and where dreams and new ideas are realized. But most of all – A city open for everyone!

Stockholm is also widely regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, on fourteen islands, with eight centuries of history and culture to choose from. Here are our Top Ten Reasons for visiting Stockholm.

The beauty
It’s said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But whoever came up with that proverb, probably never made it to the Capital of Scandinavia. Once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget the islands in the stream.

All that water
The sparkling blue water and the archipelago next door is what defines Stockholm and gives it its unique character. Wherever you look, there’s water. And since it’s so clean, you can use it for all types of activities, like fishing and even swimming in the middle of town.

The green spaces
Green is the new black and no large city has more green spaces than Stockholm. And what’s more: the air and the water is clean and fresh and you’re never far away from nature.

The attractions
Few cities pack so many interesting attractions into such a compact and easily accessible area. Castles? Check. Medieval old town? Check. Wide selection of museums and galleries? Check. Cool restaurants and nightclubs? Check! We could go on but we’ll stop there.

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The welcoming
You don’t have to master the language made famous by the chef from the Muppet Show to get by in Stockholm. Almost everyone speaks at least English and are (according to surveys) welcoming, open and respectful towards visitors. 

A year-round destination
Yes, the never-ending summer nights are magical, but a nighttime Christmas market in the Old Town, powdered in white, is not to be missed either. In fact, all four, distinct seasons in Stockholm have their unique charms.

Sophisticated and friendly
There’s a willingness to try anything new and fresh that runs through every facet of life in Stockholm. Be it fashion, design, food or new lifestyles. And yet the atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and sophisticated. A contradiction? Maybe, but still very true. 

The archipelago
There’s no getting away from the fact that the archipelago with its 30,000 islands and skerries plays a huge role in Stockholm’s appeal. The soothing vistas and the sea breeze is the perfect counterweight to the metropolitan feel of the city.

Creative and trendy
Art, architecture and design play an integrated part of Stockholm city life. Music, food and fashion are at the cutting edge and the shopping is as good or better than even the largest capitals.

The Swedish flavors
It’s not all meatballs and herring. On the contrary, the Swedish cuisine has taken huge leaps in the last decades with award winning chefs and restaurants. The flavors are still distinctly Swedish though – tack och lov (thank goodness).

The long haul revolution

In May 2013, Norwegian starts flying  nonstop from New York (JFK) to Stockholm, 3 times a week.

As the 3rd  largest low-cost airline in Europe and with a new fleet, friendly service and low prices, Norwegian is the natural choice when travelling to Sweden, only 8 hours away from the United States! Boeing has alerted a small delay in the delivery of Norwegian’s first 787 Dreamliner, but once in place this wonderful aircraft will be guaranteed as operating flight to Stockholm. To read more about our new Boeing 787 Dreamliners click here

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