Oslo – the Scandinavian lifestyle

Oslo is a compact capital city with big experiences to offer. This is the city for those of you who want to experience something out of the ordinary. With our new long-distance flights, we are bringing remote destinations a little closer and making extraordinary experiences possible.

It is Norway’s largest city and the country’s capital, but by international standards Oslo is relatively small. This doesn’t mean, however, that the city doesn’t have a pulse. If you are interested in art, culture, architecture and design, this is just the right city for truly exciting experiences.

Oslo has all the qualities of a European capital, along with shopping, a vibrant night-life, special architecture, Scandinavian design, ground-breaking art and exciting restaurants – all combined within in a small, but extremely attractive, package.

At Norwegian, we are naturally interested in the Norwegian pioneers who have made their mark on the world throughout history, and in Oslo you can experience some of their stories and lives – whether this is Edward Munch’s “Scream”, walking in the footsteps of playwright Henrik Ibsen, seeing Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki, or relaxing in Vigeland’s monumental sculpture park.

Summer and winter
Many people probably associate the city with the winter and snow – which is not so surprising, since Oslo is in many ways the winter capital of the world. Throughout the coldest months of the year opportunities for winter activities abound. You can go sledging and downhill or cross-country skiing – all within the city limits.

Paradoxically enough, the city is among the greenest of Europe’s capitals, and is beautifully situated at the innermost end of the Oslo fjord, surrounded by forest-covered hills. In the city centre, you are never far from a park or alluring fjord.

Many are surprised by the comfortable summer temperatures – which the city’s inhabitants know to appreciate. In the summer, the streets are teeming with life, in outdoor cafés, in the parks and along and on the fjord.



Norwegian fjords, mountains and forests – where the trolls live
With its fresh air, clean water and untouched forests – in which you can roam freely – Oslo is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. The city is an excellent starting point for short or long walks in the Norwegian countryside.

As Norway’s capital, Oslo also has well-developed public transport to the huge mountains, crystal clear fjords and the deep, green forests – the source of old fairy tales about Norwegian trolls.

The city that offers itself
If you want to experience the joys of city life, with European café culture, Nordic design and architecture, history and nightlife, there’s no need to travel any further when you first arrive in Oslo. The city simply offers itself up, inviting you in and giving you great experiences that you might not expect.

There is much to do – whether you want to enjoy an extravagant meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or you want a fresh winter experience by dog-sled in Oslo’s magical forests.

Never before has it been so easy to live the Scandinavian lifestyle – we now take you all the way from New York to Oslo.

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About Oslo
Oslo: Norway’s capital city, and its largest
Inhabitants:618,378 (2011 Source: Wikipedia)
Official language: Norwegian
System of government: Monarchy
Religion: Christianity
Time difference: New York: + 5 hours in winter. + 6 hours in summer. Bangkok: - 5 hours in winter, - 6 hours in summer.
Currency: Norwegian Kroner (approx. 0.18 USD, November 2012) (approx. 5.45 TBH, November 2012)
Money: Visa, Amex and Mastercard are widely accepted. Norwegians are among world’s most frequent users of credit and debit cards, and even the smallest boutiques, bars and kiosks accept these.
Electricity: 220 volts
Visa: A tourist visa is required. You can find more information about legislation, rules and the application procedure here
Embassy: Eilert Sundts gate 4, NO-0244, Oslo, Norway. Telephone: +47 22 12 86 60
Website: thaiembassy.no