Top five things to do in Florida

1. Go to the beach!
The coastline is really too inviting to ignore. Fort Lauderdale is known for having some of the cleanest and best beaches in the whole of the USA. Palm trees line the apparently endless sands, concealing a plethora of fancy stores, colourful art deco buildings and some of the best seafood restaurants in the USA.

Florida may have a lot to offer, but this is no reason to dash around. Kick off your shoes and feel the warm sand between your toes.

2. Walt Disney World – nobody is too old for this
Florida probably has the highest concentration of amusement parks and theme parks in the whole of the western hemisphere: Sea World, Universal Studios, Epcot and Busch Gardens to name just a few. They even have their own Legoland here…

But the most important is still Disney World. You pretty much can’t visit Florida without fitting in a visit to this legendary park. Whether you are travelling with children or not, Disney World should be on your list.

3. The Everglades – get down and dirty with alligators and panthers
The enormous wetland area that covers large parts of Florida’s southern tip offers unique flora and fauna. Experiencing this enormous national park up close will give you an experience to last a lifetime. This is why it is also on UNESCO’s exclusive World Heritage List.

Here you can meet the endangered manatee, spot various rare species of birds and perhaps glimpse the shy Florida panther. And as an ecotourist, you will have the opportunity to encounter the terrifying alligators at close range – if you are brave enough to do so…

4. Miami – entertaining by day, twice as entertaining by night

A short drive from Fort Lauderdale is Miami, offering a plethora of partying and fun, good times and warm welcomes, shopping and eating out. Miami is the ultimate destination for anyone wanting the best of beach life combined with everything that a major city has to offer.

Its status as a favourite destination of the American elite and celebrities is hardly surprising. You will find a pulsating night life, gorgeous beaches, art, culture, concerts, high-end shopping and, thankfully, some stores for which your wallet will thank you as well. Miami is all pastel colours and Hawaiian shorts, bikinis and sandals, long drinks and a short trip to happiness.

5. Key West – dreaming of paradise
The Florida Keys archipelago extends like an arm from the mainland toward Cuba, the land of salsa. Key West, situated at the end of the pointing fingertip, is the southernmost point in the USA.

Immortalised by Ernest Hemingway, frequented by artists and bohemians, built up in low, colourful little wooden houses and decorated with palm trees, this small island is tranquil, quiet and idyllic. Watch the legendary red sunset from the beach and realise your dream of paradise.

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