Mystery and goose bumps

Experience a really out-of-the-ordinary Halloween! Barcelona, Rome and Prague are waiting to welcome you to underground chapels, skeleton-filled churches and haunted houses.

Barcelona is home to several reputedly haunted houses, including the opera house Liceu. On 7 November, 1893, 20 members of the audience were killed by a bomb during a performance. According to popular belief, the victims of the atrocity haunt the huge opera house, and many people have experienced mysterious events.

Do you dare visit a churchyard on Halloween? The Montjuïc hill near Barcelona's harbour is home to a very special graveyard. The hill was used as a churchyard from 1883, and was the place where the city's prosperous inhabitants build their memorials. The result is a miniature city covering 56 hectares, full of modernist architecture and sculptures.

Experience a church where death, quite literally, fills the walls. An hour's train journey from Prague is Sedlec with its grotesque and bizarre skeleton church. Nearly 150 years ago, this closed church was decorated in an original and frightening way with skulls and bones from more than 40,000 people.

There are three catacombs in Rome, and some of them are open to the public. The catacombs on Via Appia Antica attract the most visitors, and at least one hundred thousand people are at rest in the twelve kilometres of tunnels. If this isn't enough to raise the hairs all down your spine, you can visit the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. Under the church is a crypt, where six small chapels are decorated with the skeletons of 4,000 monks who were interred here by their brothers between 1528 and 1870.

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