Service dogs

Service dogs are accepted on the following Norwegian flights at no extra charge:

  • Service dogs or service dogs in training for passengers with special needs are accepted on all Norwegian flights. Emotional support dogs for passengers requiring this assistance will be accepted provided the passenger can show confirmation that the dog is a certified service animal.
  • Police and rescue dogs are accepted for carriage on flights between Schengen countries only. NOTE: Svalbard is not a part of Schengen.

The animal is permitted to travel with the passenger in the cabin and must lie or sit on the floor in front of its owner. The animal must be on duty and easily identified as a service dog (e.g. vest).

To avoid delays, we recommend all passengers travelling with a service dog to check-in counter at least 1 hour before departure.

NOTE: Norwegian is not responsible for verifying that an animal has the necessary documentation, including vaccination documents, prior to travel through, to or from any country. It is the responsibility of the person who has paid for the pet’s transportation to pay any fines, costs or any other expenses incurred as a result of insufficient documentation being provided.

Booking a service dog
Bookings for service dogs can be made online or via our Contact Centre. Service dogs travelling to/from Svalbard, USA, UK, and Thailand or on a connecting flight must be booked via our Contact Centre. Service dogs are not accepted on connecting flights via the UK.

To add your service dog to an existing booking, log in to "My Reservations" and follow the prompts. Due to limited capacity, we recommend that you book your ticket service dog at the same time, at least 48 hours prior to departure.

NOTE: Bookings for animals cannot be made by e-mail.

Svalbard: Passengers must seek prior approval to transport animals to/from Svalbard. Conditions can be found at: Norwegian Food Safety Authority

United Kingdom: For flights to/from the United Kingdom, passengers must make their booking via our Contact Centre. Different requirements apply depending on whether you are entering the UK from another EU country, listed non-EU country or another unlisted country. Passengers must follow the applicable regulations according to their route of travel as outlined by UK authorities.

Ireland: Passengers must follow the applicable regulations according to their route of travel as outlined by Irish authorities.