WiFi on board
WiFi on board
We offer WiFi on board our flights.

Norwegian is proud to be the first airline to offer high-speed broadband on flights within
Europe. By March 2014, 74 of our 76 737-800 aircrafts will offer free WiFi on board.

Look for the WiFi symbol when you book your next flight.

How do I log on:

1. Once the Flight Attendant has announced it is safe to use approved portable devices, turn on your WiFi enabled device. View available wireless networks, select "Norwegian Internet access" and connect.

2. Launch your Internet browser for immediate access. Enjoy surfing the web!

Please make sure that all mobile phones are set to flight mode.

How does it work:

The planes are equipped with two wireless access points. On top of the plane is an antenna that communicates with a satellite orbiting above the earth. When passengers on board use their WiFi device to get online, that request goes from the wireless access point, to the antenna and satellite, down to the ground to find the website. The signal then heads back to the plane again. All this happens within a few seconds.

In some cases WiFi may not be available on flights booked with WiFi.
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