Travel Services

Optional services listed below
Easy and reliable Getting there fast Nice and comfortable Low prices
Customer service
Customer service
Find answers to your questions
about your trip
Ticket by SMS
SMS ticket
Get your ticket on your
mobile phone
Flexible tickets
Flexible tickets
You can always change your
ticket when you need
Flexible tickets
Travel Assistant
The Norwegian Travel Assistant
makes it easier for you to enjoy
your trip.
Centrally located airports
Centrally located airports
We fly you to centrally located  air-ports at more than 100 destinations
Frequent departures
Frequent departures
We offer frequent daily departures
to and from popular destinations
Direct to gate
Direct to gate*
When travelling with hand baggage only, you can go straight through
the security checkpoint without
checking in first
Fast Track
Fast Track
Take the fastest way through
security control



We offer comfortable, well
located hotels at low prices
Rental cars
Rental cars
We search over 550 car rental
services for the lowest price

Fly og hotell
Flight + hotel
Book flight and hotel together
New airplanes
New aircraft*
We have one of Europe's newest
and most modern fleets
Reduced emission
Reduced emissions
We are reducing emissions
by 30 % by 2015
WiFi onboard
WiFi onboard*
We offer free
WiFi onboard
In-flight entertainment
In-flight entertainment*
We offer a variety of in-flight
entertainment onboard
Seat reservation
Seat reservation
Reserve your favourite seat
when you book your trip
Onboard menu
Onboard menu
You will always find a good selection
of food and drinks onboard
Low price calendar
Low fare calendar
Get a simple overview of
our low price offers
Join our reward program and
save on your next flight
Carry-on luggage
Hand luggage
Up to 10kg hand luggage is
included in the cost of your ticket

You only ever pay for the  baggage you bring with you. This keeps our prices low.
Cancellation insurance
Cancellation protection
Get your ticket refunded if
something unexpected happens

Choose to purchase any of these optional services, or select a Full Flex ticket and your checked baggage and seat reservation will be included in the ticket price


* Only available on selected flights