In-flight WiFi

Norwegian is proud to be the first airline to offer high-speed broadband on flights within Europe. Per February 2014, 80 percent of our Boeing 737-800 aircraft have WiFi on board.

It is satisfying to be able to give our passengers the opportunity to work, read online newspapers, play games or watch online TV while flying with us. This is a product that no other airline in Europe is currently offering, which gives us a huge competitive advantage.

We have won international acclaim for our in-flight WiFi. In September 2013, we took home the prestigious Passenger Choice Awards 2013 in the category “Best Inflight Connectivity and Communications” and in November 2012, CNN tested our in-flight WiFi. Click here to watch the report.

Norwegian is currently not offering WiFi on its long-haul flights.

Video on demand: Norwegian is also the first airline in Europe to offer video on demand. The product enables passengers on board aircraft with WiFi to rent movies and TV-shows directly onto their personal device.

You can read more about how our in-flight WiFi works by clicking here.