6 things you have to do in Barcelona

Barcelona offers unique opportunities to enjoy a fantastic holiday with sun, sand, shopping and sightseeing.

Camp Nou - F.C. Barcelona’s home stadium
Whether you are a glowing Barca fan or just generally interested in football, visiting F.C.Barcelona's stadium, Camp Nou, is a unique experience.The stadium houses an amazing 100,000 spectators.
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Enjoy the sun on Barcelonata Beach
Take a little break in your urban holiday, and relax on Barceloneta Beach. The official bathing season in Barcelona runs from 15 March to 15 November, and in this period all of the beach's facilities are open.

Alternative sightseeing
Experience Barcelona by taking a trip in a talking GoCar. Thanks to a GPS guide, you will be taken round Barcelona on an unforgettable sightseeing trip.
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Exclusive dining
Enjoy fabulous food at Pla Restaurant, an innovative fusion cuisine that serves both a la carte and compound menus. Apart from the delicious food, the restaurant is an experience in itself.
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Masters of the Dance
Tablao Flamenco Cordobés allows you to experience Catalan flamenco dancers at one of Barcelona's most famous clubs.
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Shop in the bullfighter’s lair
The old bullfighting arena, Las Arenas, re-emerged in 2011 as a brand new shopping centre.Go shop-amok among famous brands and speciality stores, visit a rock and roll museum, go to the cinema, get a bite to eat or spy out over most of Barcelona from the observation tower.
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