Nice. The Pearl of the Riviera.

Nice is dazzling white beaches, diamond earrings and stately hotels. Nice is Chanel No. 5, sunscreen, robust red wine and the azure Mediterranean. Nice is rustling palms and classic sports cars. Nice is the pearl of the Riviera. Just two hours from London. Nice is not your typical sun and fun holiday destination. Nice is more - much more. A city with something for everyone.

Three good reasons to visit Nice:

1. Promenade des Anglais
Nice has been a playground for Jetsetters ever since the mid1800s when the English upper class journeyed to the city to enjoy the mild winters along the French Riviera.

As a matter of fact they built this legendary seaside promenade winding its way between the luxurious colonial style hotels and the inviting Mediterranean. Promenade de Anglais – or for short La Prom - is in many ways the symbol of the French Riviera. It bustles with life from early morning to late at night; joggers, tourists, lovers and distinguished gentlemen with hat and cane - all coming here to enjoy the splendid view of the Mediterranean as they stroll beneath swaying palms.

If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of your favourite actor in front of Hotel Negresco one of Europe’s hottest spots to "see and be seen".


2. Beach Life
The stony beaches along the coastline of Nice are not among the Riviera´s best, especially if you have children. The up side is that you avoid getting sand in your bathing suit.

However if you don’t mind a little sand here and there you will enjoy the many lovely sandy beaches just outside the city. Among them is the fantastic Mala Beach - an intimate, soft sand beach surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs. This hidden pearl is just a short ride from Nice by bus or taxi. The beach also has some of the Rivera’s best seafood restaurants.


3. Art and Culture
Another reason Nice is so much more than a typical beach resort is the art and culture the city has to offer. Not only does Nice boast its own world-class opera house, it also has theatres, galleries and art exhibitions featuring new and unknown artists, as well as some of the great masters of our time.

Among the most celebrated are Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall - each with his very own museum in Nice. If you have a more than average interest in art then a visit here is a must. If you don’t think art is your cup of tea, you have the opportunity to discover a new side of yourself. A walk around a museum can be a relaxing and recuperative way to spend the day after a late night on the town!

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