On your bike!

Cycling in Copenhagen is altogether glorious – and it won’t take long before you’re sidetracked by the great attractions. Here’s how to do it!

By: Beate Oera

Copenhagen has over 300 km of cycle paths. Practically every part of the city is reachable in complete safety.

A gentle loop around the centre takes you past most of the city’s famous sights. But bikes are best for finding hidden gems. Head for Cisternerne, for example. This eerie glass museum is housed in underground water cisterns.

Pedal through Nyboder, a district made up of criss-crossing rows of ochre and mustard houses, built to house sailors by Christian IV.

A traditional Danish sandwich is a must. Royal favourite Ida Davidson won’t mind if you bring your helmet. Alternatively, try one of the low-key eateries on Nansengade.

To finish, park your bike outside Tivoli, one of Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks. What better way to finish a day of sightseeing, than some candyfloss and merry-go-rounds at the venerable amusement park?

Bike rental

• The famous City Bikes are available from 110 bike racks from mid-April to November.
Copenhagen Tours will arrange bike hire from your hotel for about EUR 13 a day.

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