Checked baggage

Checked baggage allowances are determined by the type of ticket purchased. Save time and money by booking your checked baggage online.

All flights (excluding international long haul)

LowFare LowFare+ Flex
1 x 20kg

1 x 20kg

International long haul

Flights to/from U.S and Thailand and Caribbean (excluding flights between U.S and Caribbean)

LowFare LowFare+ Flex Premium PremiumFlex
1 x 20kg

2 x 20kg

2 x 20kg

2 x 20kg

NOTE: Excess baggage charges apply to extra items over the two baggage limit and to any individual item over 20kg. Excess baggage is charged per kilo.

You can purchase excess weight online after you have purchased regular checked baggage or at the airport on the day of travel.


Infants (under 2 years) seated on parent’s lap are permitted up to 5 kg of checked baggage (either in the parent's checked baggage or in a separate bag). Normal checked baggage conditions apply for all children/infants who have purchased their own seat.

All children up to 11 years incl. are permitted one car seat and one stroller free of charge in addition to their permitted baggage allowance. We recommend that you always protect your stroller/car seat when you travel. Read more about baggage protection.

Ordering checked baggage

Checked baggage can be ordered at the time of booking online and via our Contact Centre. If you want to add checked baggage after you have made a reservation, log in to “My Reservations” and follow the prompts or phone our Contact Centre. You must make this request at least 25 hours prior to departure.

Checked baggage can also be purchased at the airport on the day of travel. Please note that higher charges will apply to checked baggage requested at the airport. All baggage charges are non-refundable.

Size and weight

We do not accept individual baggage units weighing more than 32 kg or less than 2kg. We permit a total baggage allowance of 64 kg per person. The weight limit does not apply to electric wheelchairs, musical instruments or animals in the cargo hold.

We accept individual items up to: length 250cm, height 79cm, width 112cm. The total circumference (L+H+W) must not exceed 300 cm.

NOTE: For flights operated by Danish Air Transport, we accept individual items up to: length 190cm, height 143cm, width 70cm. The total circumference (L+H+W) must not exceed 300 cm.

Packing checked baggage

We strongly recommend for all baggage to be clearly marked with the passenger’s name and phone number.

All baggage must be packed in such a way that it can withstand normal baggage handling. This means that the item will withstand the impact of coming into contact with other luggage in the baggage system and when loading/unloading the aircraft.

Each passenger is solely responsible for packing their luggage in such a way that the contents cannot be damaged. To the fullest extent permitted under the Montreal Convention, the passenger is liable for any damaged caused to the Carrier due to their baggage, should for example, a bottle containing liquid in their checked in luggage break. Read more about baggage protection.

Certain items are not accepted for carriage in checked baggage. Read more about restricted items.

Travelling to/from the US – TSA lock
If you wish to lock your baggage when travelling to/from the US, you must use a lock that is approved by US authorities or a TSA lock. We will not cover any damage caused to your baggage if it is forced open during random screening in the US if the baggage is not deemed to have been in the charge of Norwegian.