The Work of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors works in accordance with the rules laid down by Norwegian law. The Board has annual strategy seminars where issues such as objectives, strategies and implementations are addressed. The Board of Directors issues instructions for its own work.

(Left to right: Kenneth Utsikt, Thor Espen Bråten, Linda Olsen, Marianne Wergeland-Jenssen, Ola Krohn-Fagervoll, Bjørn H. Kise and Liv Berstad)

Bjørn H. Kise, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Kise has a Law Degree from the University of Oslo and has over 25 years of experience of legal practice with the law firm Vogt & Wiig AS, where he is also a partner. He is (since 1997) admitted to the Supreme Court. Bjørn H. Kise is one of the founding partners of Norwegian Air Shuttle and has been a board member of Norwegian since 1993. He was a Chairman of the Board in the period 1996-2002. Mr. Kise also holds a number of board appointments in large and medium-sized companies in Norway and abroad.


Ola Krohn-Fagervoll, Member of the Board 
Mr. Krohn-Fagervoll is a Business economics graduate from the Norwegian School of Management. He holds an MBA degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin, USA, and has also been a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. Mr. Krohn-Fagervoll has more than 15 years of experience from management consulting, corporate development and M&A with A.T. Kearney Management Consultants, Concordia  (Schøyen/Goldman Sachs PE Joint Venture), PetroAdvisor (R.S. Platou Shipbrokers), Arkwright Corporate Finance and Steinvender. Prior experience include five years in Saga Petroleum’s strategy department and an Export Council Scholarship in London. Mr. Krohn-Fagervoll has over the years held leading positions such as Executive Chairman, CEO, CFO, COO and project directorships in a variety of company settings and industries. He is currently working as partner in Steinvender, a Norwegian based M&A boutique.

Liv Berstad, Member of the Board
Liv Berstad is a Business economist from BI Norwegian School of Management and is today the Managing Director for the clothing company KappAhl in Norway. Liv Berstad has extensive experience from retail trade in the Nordic region, mainly from construction material, fashion and cosmetics. She joined KappAhl as their financing manager in 1990 and in 1996 she was made the Managing Director. Ms. Berstad also holds directorships in Expert.

Marianne Wergeland-Jenssen, Member of the Board
Mrs. Wergeland-Jenssen holds a Master of General Business from BI Norwegian School of Management. She has considerable international experience and has for a large part of her professional career held management positions in commercial energy companies. Marianne Wergeland-Jenssen was previously the managing director of Smartphones Telecom AS and in 2005 until 2007 she held a board position in the same company. She has also been in charge of commodities and derivatives marketing in Sempra Energy Trading Limited in the UK and has been the managing director of Sempra Energy Trading AS. Marianne Wergeland-Jenssen is currently managing the Nord Pool Financial Exchange at Nord Pool ASA – The Nordic Power Exchange.


Thor Espen Bråten, Member of the Board since May 2009, employee representative
Mr. Bråten joined Norwegian in 2005 and works as a Captain. He received his airline pilot training in Norway and Sweden. Bråten has held management positions ranging from Base Manager to Managing Director for a number of regional and international airlines. He also has extensive experience from aircraft acquisitions, lease and aircraft remarketing.

Linda Olsen, Member of the Board since 2009, employee representative
Linda Olsen joined Norwegian in February 2006, after studying tourism management in Australia. Between 2006-2007 she worked as a consultant for the Customer Service centre. She is currently employed in the Customer Relations department. Ms. Olsen is also elected as a vice-club leader of a union started in cooperation with the Norwegian Union for Commerce and Office Employees.


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