Service and Punctuality


In addition to providing safe and punctual operations, Norwegian strives to provide customers with low prices and a product which offers good value for money. Our customers should be met by service-minded personnel on the ground and in the air, the booking process should be simple and hassle-free, and you should reach your destination quickly and without fuss.

Norwegian adheres to the slogan “freedom to choose”. We believe it should be possible to travel for the announced ticket price without any further fees or charges being added, and without the ticket price subsidizing the added cost of choices made by fellow passengers. However, we also recognize that many passengers require a little extra service. Those who choose to send baggage, drink coffee, or enjoy other services not directly related to the cost of flying the aircraft from A to B are offered these services in exchange for a small fee. We believe this ensures the lowest possible fare for the price sensitive customer, as well as it satisfies the needs of those who require the little extra.


Norwegian’s goal is that more than 90% of our flights will depart on time. Getting to your destination at the right time is important for you as a customer, and for us as an airline. Norwegian reports punctuality and regularity in the traffic figures which are published monthly.