Be spellbound by Tromsø

The time has just passed over midnight, and still it is all bright outside. How can that be? You see, north of the polar circle the summer lasts for weeks and months. All day long the sun shines bright over the horizontal. Not only is it an amazing sight, additionally it makes people calm, happy and filled with energy. So where to spot this amazing sight? We give you direct flight from London Gatwick to: Tromsø!

A city located in Northern Norway, filled with activities and surrounded by stunning nature. It is not even uncommon that the locals grab a coffee during nighttime, life can be spotted anywhere in this city. But this city has much more than the midnight sun to offer. Tromsø is filled with culture, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. The city is even well known for its lively music- and nightlife. You can even have some cultural insight through their well familiar Polar museum and Tromsø Museum. Enjoy the northern part of Norway and visit Tromsø!

In Tromsø you can spot the midnight sun between 20th May to 22nd July.

PS. Worried about not getting your sleep? Don’t worry, the hotels have windows that can be isolated towards the light.