Norwegian heroes
Christian Krohg (1852-1925) was a Norwegian painter, writer, illustrator and journalist. He was an important figure in the transition from Romanticism to Naturalism. Krohg studied law, but simultaneously studied art since he always had dreamt of becoming a painter. His public debut came in 1876 with the picture "Farewell". He worked in Paris from 1881 to 1882, where he met impressionists like Monet. He also lived in Paris from 1901 to 1909, where he taught at the Académie Colarossi. Krohg was a professor and director of the National Academy of Art. He participated actively in the organizational work of artists and helped establish the House of Artist in Oslo. In 1888 he married the Norwegian painter Oda Krohg.   Christian Krogh
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Oda Krohg (1860-1935) was a Norwegian painter and a central figure in the cultural and political movement "The Christiania Bohemians". She was the wife of her teacher and colleague Christian Krohg. She is known for her portraits, including of Aasta Hansteen; Ivar Arosenius; Gunnar Heiberg; Johanne Dybwad and Christian Krohg; the landscape pictures "By the Oslo Fjord (Japanese lantern)" (1886) and "On the Meadow (Chinese lantern)" (1889) and other works as "A subscriber to the Evening Post" (1887), "From the party" (1892), "Rouge et Noir" (1912), and the cheerful "Christian Krohg on Karl Johan" (1912). Despite her wish to become a writer, she published very little during her lifetime.   Oda Krogh
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Edvard Munch (1863-1944) was a world-famous Norwegian painter and graphic artist. He painted for more than 60 years and began his career with a realistic period, but was later influenced by the modern, anti-naturalistic direction. Munch's motifs are closely associated with his own childhood experiences and his bohemian lifestyle. "Scream" is probably Munch's most famous painting and is regarded as the icon of existential anguish. "Scream" is among a whole range of works in a series titled "The Frieze of Life", which Munch put together around the turn of the century. It touches upon the issues of life; love, fear, death and melancholy. All these themes continue to emerge again and again in Munch's work.   Edvard Munch
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Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) is Norway's most famous sculptor. During the 1890s, Vigeland was awarded several grants, which made it possible for him to make several study trips abroad. These journeys meant a lot for his artistic development. Vigeland is best known for his sculptures in Oslo; more than 200 of his sculptures in bronze, granite and iron adorn Norway's most popular tourist attraction, the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The park is probably the world's largest sculpture park made by one single artist. Vigeland was also responsible for the design and architectural design of the park that covers 80 acres. The park was completed between 1939 and 1949.   Gustav Vigeland
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Swedish heroes

John Bauer (1882–1918) was a Swedish painter and illustrator best known for his illustrations “Among Gnomes and Trolls” and “Princess Tuvstarr and the Fishpond". Since he was little, John had been interested in sketching and drawing and at the age of 16, he set off to Stockholm to study art. After two years, he entered the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts where he met Esther Ellquist, whom he would marry in December 1906. Together they embarked on a two-year long trip to Germany and Italy to study art. Bauer's wife became the model for many of Bauer's paintings, most notably “The Fairy Princess” in 1905. Tragically, John Bauer drowned at the age of 36 with his wife and son when the Per Brahe steamer sank in 1918.

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Carl Larsson (1853-1919) was a Swedish painter and interior designer. He was – and still is – one of Sweden's most popular artists and is particularly known for his bright, beautiful watercolour paintings of idyllic everyday life. In addition to his paintings, Larsson also drew several sequential pictures stories and therefore became one of the earliest Swedish comic creators. He considered his finest work to be "Midwinter Sacrifice", a large wall mural now displayed inside the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts. Larsson had eight children and his family became his favourite models. Larsson won international fame thanks to his bright, beautiful pictures depicting his home and family life.   Carl Larsson
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